An Interview with Game Developer James Hague

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Reference: An Interview with Game Developer James Hague

James Hague (of Programming in the 21st Century fame):

I've had an off and on romance with Forth. It's such a subversive language; you can fit an entire Forth development system into the space taken by the executable header of a "Hello World" program generated by a C compiler. But I've finally decided that the whole Forth concept is too minimal in the modern world. It's like using an artist's paintbrush to paint a house. The Forthers will respond with comments like "If you think you need to paint the house, then you haven't thought about the problem enough." They'll suggest that a tent will keep you dry as well as a house and is much easier to maintain. Meanwhile, someone with a big, bulky brush is almost finished with the first coat of paint on the house. There has to be a happy medium between a 20K Forth and a C++ compiler than won't fit on a Zip disk.

A great metaphor for programming in Forth.