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Maintainable Podcast

Haskell and Clojure in Production [PODCAST]

Domain Modeling: How Rich Meaning Improves Your Code [TALK]

[TALK] The Art of Domain Modeling

Eric Normand on Functional Thinking - Conversations about Software Engineering [PODCAST]

Legacy in Functional Programming [PODCAST]

The reality of functional programming - Developer Melange [PODCAST]

Grokking Simplicity, Stratified Design & Functional Programming - Does Not Compute [PODCAST]

JS is an occasionally functional language - JS Party [PODCAST]

First returning guest Eric Normand explains how to Grok Simplicity - Defn podcast

Stratified Design: A Lisp Tradition - re:Clojure 2020 [TALK]

Functional Programming and Grokking Simplicity - The Virtual World [Podcast]

In this episode of The Virtual World, I talked about my new book “Grokking Simplicity - Taming complex software with functional thinking".

Theory of Functional Programming - Git Commit Show [TALK]

In this talk, I explain functional programming as discussed in my book Grokking Simplicity. Presented at Git Commit Show 2020.

Distilled Functional Programming [TALK]

Grokking Simplicity - HTML All The Things [Podcast]

Teaching Clojure - The REPL [PODCAST]

You are in a maze of deeply nested maps, all alike [TALK]

Clojure and Functional Programming at UNO

A talk given at the University of New Orleans about functional programming.

Functional Programming with Javascript

A talk given at #FrontendParty about what functional programming is and how to get started in JavaScript.

The Stengths of ClojureScript

A talk given at #FrontendParty about ClojureScript and working in the frontend.

What is Functional Programming?

OSCON: Building Composable Abstractions [Talk]

LambdUp Speaker Interview

LambdUp 2017: A Theory of Functional Programming [TALK]

Functional Geekery Episode 117 [PODCAST]

The Changelog Episode 267 [PODCAST]

All I needed for FP I learned in High School Algebra [TALK]

JavaScript Jabber 272 [PODCAST]

React Native Radio Episode 068 [PODCAST]


Developer On Fire Episode 236 [PODCAST]

Testing Podcast Episode 150 [PODCAST]

defn Episode 20 [PODCAST]

Testing Stateful and Concurrent Systems Using test.check [TALK]

ClojureScript: I can't believe this is JavaScript

There are 6 difficult problems frameworks and libraries try to solve in JavaScript, but never quite get there. Learn how these problems (and more!) are solved by ClojureScript and how it can provide a platform for new solutions.

Programming Throwdown Episode 61 [PODCAST]

Building composable abstractions [TALK]

Functional Programming for Business [TALK]

Lies My OO Teacher Told Me [TALK]

The Elements of a Functional Mindset [TALK]

Functional Geekery Episode 41 [PODCAST]

Giant Robots Episode 172 [PODCAST]

The Ruby Rogues Episode 232 [PODCAST]

Functional Geekery Episode 18 [PODCAST]