Presentation and podcast appearances

Free Beginner Workshop

From OO to Clojure Workshop!

Watch my free workshop to help you learn Clojure faster and shift your paradigm to functional.

Maintainable Podcast

Haskell and Clojure in Production [PODCAST]

Domain Modeling: How Rich Meaning Improves Your Code [TALK]

[TALK] The Art of Domain Modeling

Eric Normand on Functional Thinking - Conversations about Software Engineering [PODCAST]

Legacy in Functional Programming [PODCAST]

The reality of functional programming - Developer Melange [PODCAST]

Grokking Simplicity, Stratified Design & Functional Programming - Does Not Compute [PODCAST]

JS is an occasionally functional language - JS Party [PODCAST]

First returning guest Eric Normand explains how to Grok Simplicity - Defn podcast

Stratified Design: A Lisp Tradition - re:Clojure 2020 [TALK]

Functional Programming and Grokking Simplicity - The Virtual World [Podcast]

In this episode of The Virtual World, I talked about my new book “Grokking Simplicity - Taming complex software with functional thinking".

Theory of Functional Programming - Git Commit Show [TALK]

In this talk, I explain functional programming as discussed in my book Grokking Simplicity. Presented at Git Commit Show 2020.

Distilled Functional Programming [TALK]

Grokking Simplicity - HTML All The Things [Podcast]

Teaching Clojure - The REPL [PODCAST]

You are in a maze of deeply nested maps, all alike [TALK]

Clojure and Functional Programming at UNO

A talk given at the University of New Orleans about functional programming.

Functional Programming with Javascript

A talk given at #FrontendParty about what functional programming is and how to get started in JavaScript.

The Stengths of ClojureScript

A talk given at #FrontendParty about ClojureScript and working in the frontend.

What is Functional Programming?

OSCON: Building Composable Abstractions [Talk]

LambdUp Speaker Interview

LambdUp 2017: A Theory of Functional Programming [TALK]

Functional Geekery Episode 117 [PODCAST]

The Changelog Episode 267 [PODCAST]

All I needed for FP I learned in High School Algebra [TALK]

JavaScript Jabber 272 [PODCAST]

React Native Radio Episode 068 [PODCAST]


Developer On Fire Episode 236 [PODCAST]

Testing Podcast Episode 150 [PODCAST]

defn Episode 20 [PODCAST]

Testing Stateful and Concurrent Systems Using test.check [TALK]

ClojureScript: I can't believe this is JavaScript

There are 6 difficult problems frameworks and libraries try to solve in JavaScript, but never quite get there. Learn how these problems (and more!) are solved by ClojureScript and how it can provide a platform for new solutions.

Programming Throwdown Episode 61 [PODCAST]

Building composable abstractions [TALK]

Functional Programming for Business [TALK]

Lies My OO Teacher Told Me [TALK]

The Elements of a Functional Mindset [TALK]

Functional Geekery Episode 41 [PODCAST]

Giant Robots Episode 172 [PODCAST]

The Ruby Rogues Episode 232 [PODCAST]

Functional Geekery Episode 18 [PODCAST]