Pre-conj Prep: Nathan Herzing and Chris Shea

Talk: Helping voters with Pedestal, Datomic, Om and core.async

Nathan Herzing and Chris Shea's talk at the conj is about using Pedestal, Om, Datomic, and core.async together. They promise to code systems live.


Pedestal was the name for a frontend framework create by Cognitect. They deprecated that framework and used the name for a small piece of it that was libraries for backend web servers, which is now under development. So Pedestal now is a set of libraries for web development. Watch this Webcast for background.

Datomic is Cognitect's append-only database with Datalog queries. A nice introduction is this talk by Rich Hickey.

Om is a library in ClojureScript created by David Nolen. It is a wrapper around React, which is Facebook's library for manipulating the DOM in a functional way. Watch David Nolen's talk for a good introduction.

core.async is a library that brings Communicating Sequential Processes to Clojure and ClojureScript. A great talk on it is one by Rich Hickey.

Why it matters

I've said before that I like experience reports. This one will also combine it with live coding, which is exciting. Live coding is always a risk. This talk will combine four of the major components Clojure brings to the table, which are all very powerful in their own right. What will happen when their powers combine?

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