Pre-West Prep: Timothy Gardner and Ramsey Nasser

Talk: Games and 3D Graphics in Arcadia

Timothy Gardner and Ramsey Nasser's talk at Clojure/West is about Arcadia, the integration of Clojure and Unity 3D.


It took a lot of work to get Clojure running with Unity 3D. For one, Unity 3D is based on .NET, so the version of Clojure for the CLR had to be updated and retrofitted to work with it. But Unity 3D is a very popular game engine that exports to lots of major platforms, including consoles. This gives Clojure an inroad into even more systems. I've always wanted to program games, and this gives me hope that I'll do it one day.

For background, the two speakers have given several talks about Arcadia. At Strange Loop 2014, at CodeMesh 2014, and at the Clojure NYC Meetup.

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