PurelyFunctional.tv Early Access Program

Summary: The PurelyFunctional.tv Early Access Program is a way to make courses in a more iterative and interactive way. I'll be publishing Intro to clojure.test this week under PEAP.

Computers and the Internet have allowed people to produce better products than has ever been done. Photography is better because of Flickr. Handmade knives are stronger and sharper than ever. Stone arrowhead making is better than ever. People are able to experiment, share their results, and learn the results of others faster than ever before, because the Internet allows them to communicate faster.

It's simply a matter of speed and accessibility. I want to bring that speed and accessibility to LispCast courses. I have been working hard on building a platform for me to develop courses iteratively. That means I can make them in smaller steps. The other piece is the feedback, where I ask you, my awesome customers, to borrow your brain for a bit. Talk about what works for you and what doesn't. I'll listen, answer questions, discuss them with you, and incorporate what I learn into the course.

Everyone wins. You get to learn what you need to learn faster, with your questions answered. And I get to make the course better for everyone. Seems like a good deal.

I'm creating what I'll call the PurelyFunctional.tv Early Access Program. It's simple. As soon as a course has a bit of content and interest, I'll post it up for sale. You get to download the course in a first draft. Let me know what questions you have, where you're having trouble, or things that were too easy. I'll continuously work those things in, and let you know when to download the new one.

I'll throw in another small benefit: if you're part of the PEAP, meaning your buy the course before it's finished, I'll put your name in a Thank you page in the course and on the course information page. Everyone who goes there will be able to see it.

To kick off the Program, I'm going to be publishing [LispCast Intro to clojure.test] (https://ericnormand.podia.com/beginning-clojure), in its current state, this week. Entry into the Program will be available for a limited time. So sign up below if you'd like to be a part of it. I'll send out an announcement with the instructions.