Seesaw REPL Tutorial

Reference: Seesaw REPL Tutorial

Dave Ray has written a commented source listing which guides you through building a simple GUI with Seesaw.

>     ; How can we get to the radio buttons without using the rbs var? How about
>     ; with a selector:
>     (select f [:JRadioButton])
>     ;=> (#<JRadioButton ... > #<JRadioButton ... >)

. . .

>     ; and, of course, you can register a listener for group selection changes
>     (listen group :selection
>         (fn [e]
>           (when-let [s (selection group)]
>             (println "Selection is " (id-of s)))))

I have only done a bit of GUI programming with Java (mostly in college). But rather than giving me flashbacks to that nightmare, Seesaw makes me feel secure that I could face the Swing dragon again.

From the Seesaw readme:

It's an experiment to see what I can do to make user interface development funner in Clojure.