Solarized Cheat Sheet

Summary: Solarized is an awesome color scheme that I use all the time. I was tired of looking up the hex codes, so I made my own cheat sheet. You can download it.

I like Solarized. I use it in Emacs, in code when I highlight, and even in my presentations. I'm not good at choosing colors. Ethan Schoonover has made a really great color scheme that's great for what I do.

Despite having used it for years, I still have trouble naming the colors. I also don't think I'll ever remember the hex codes for HTML/CSS. Also, some apps still don't let you select colors using the system color dialog. The most accurate way to enter them in is hex RGB. So today I got fed up and made this cheat sheet.

Enjoy! Click the image below to get the PDF.

Solarized Cheat