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Why are you looking for a software engineering consultant? Why are you looking now? Why me?

About me

  • I love to apply my deep technical expertise in software engineering, functional programming, and software design.
    • Over 20 years of professional experience in software engineering.
    • Renowned expertise in Clojure, functional programming, and software design.
    • A Master's Degree in Machine Learning.
  • You might find me multiplying team capacity through coaching, community building, and communication.
    • Over 10 years experience teaching Clojure, functional programming, and software design.
    • A popular book on functional programming selling over 12,000 copies.
    • A successful monthly FP meetup for seven years.
    • A popular technical blog since 2007 and weekly newsletter since 2012.
  • I tend to focus on business value as a technologist and systems thinker.
    • Over 10 years experience running my own business.
    • Deep study of technology's impact on humanity, including Marshall McLuhan, Alan Kay, and Cory Doctorow.
    • A fascination with lean manufacturing, theory of constraints, and flow management.

Please see my LinkedIn profile for an overview of my impact during consulting and full-time engagements over my career.