The Ultimate list of
Functional Programming Conferences

  • BeeScala


    Scala conference on the sunny side of the Alps

    BeeScala Logo
  • Beyond Tellerand Berlin


    An annual Programming conference in Berlin

    Beyond Tellerand Berlin Logo
  • Beyond Tellerand Düsseldorf


    An annual programming conference in Düsseldorf

    Beyond Tellerand Düsseldorf Logo
  • BOB Conference


    A conference to discover the best tools available for software building.

    BOB Conference Logo
  • BuzzConf

    South AmericaQ2

    BuzzConf is a conference thats explores the new horizons in computer science such as functional programming, distributed systems, big data, machine learning and other interdisciplinary areas and brings them to a bigger audience.

    BuzzConf Logo
  • Cascadia Fest

    JavaScriptNorth AmericaQ3

    A three-day JavaScript and CSS conference in Washington

    Cascadia Fest Logo
  • Chain React

    JavaScriptNorth AmericaQ3

    A two day, one-track React Native conference hosted in Portland, Oregon.

    Chain React Logo
  • Clojure eXchange


    A Clojure conference hosted by skills matter in London.

    Clojure eXchange Logo
  • Clojure Remote


    Clojure's all-remote conference.

    Clojure Remote Logo
  • Clojure SYNC

    ClojureNorth AmericaQ1

    Clojure SYNC is about the connections between our skills, our work, and the history of technology.

    Clojure SYNC Logo
  • Clojure/conj

    ClojureNorth AmericaQ4

    The official Clojure conference that sets the tone for the Clojure community.

    Clojure/conj Logo
  • Clojure/north

    ClojureNorth AmericaQ2

    Clojure/north is Canada's first Clojure conference. It is a non-profit event from the Clojure community for the community. Our goal is to share knowledge and be an accessible, enjoyable event for all.

    Clojure/north Logo
  • Clojure/West

    ClojureNorth AmericaQ1

    The West Coast Clojure conference.

    Clojure/West Logo
  • ClojureD


    A clojure conference in Berlin Germany

    ClojureD Logo
  • ClojureScript Days


    Four half-day online conferences focused exclusively on ClojureScript.

    ClojureScript Days Logo
  • ClojuRU


    ClojuRU 2019 is the first specialized Clojure conference in Russia that will take place on October 26th in Moscow.

    ClojuRU Logo
  • clojuTRE


    Clojure conference in Finland.

    clojuTRE Logo
  • Code Beam Lite

    ErlangSouth AmericaQ4

    Code BEAM Lite conferences, formerly known as Erlang Factory Lites, are one-day community-driven conferences aimed at discovering the future of the Erlang Ecosystem and bringing together developers to share knowledge & ideas, learn from each other and inspire to invent the future.

    Code Beam Lite Logo
  • Code Beam SF

    ErlangNorth AmericaQ1

    Code BEAM SF conference is built on the long standing legacy of the Erlang Factory Conferences. It is an action-packed two-day conference in San Francisco fused with a mix of talks on innovation and open-source applications based on Erlang, OTP, Elixir, LFE, BEAM and other emerging technologies!

    Code Beam SF Logo
  • Code Beam STO


    Discovering the future of the Erlang Ecosystem. Another edition of the Code BEAM conference this time based in Stockholm. Formerly known as Erlang User Conference, Code BEAM STO is also a two-day conference fused with a mix of talks on innovation and open-source applications based on Erlang, OTP, Elixir, LFE, BEAM and other emerging technologies!

    Code Beam STO Logo
  • Code Elixir


    Code Elixir is a one-day conference bringing together the Elixir community. It is a great place to meet new friends and learn about new projects, Elixir being in production and innovation that have grown out of the Elixir language.

    Code Elixir Logo
  • Code Mesh


    A two-day conference that brings together users and speakers of different languages to share their innovative and inspiring projects. All in the spirit of exploring the alternative tech and learning from one another!

    Code Mesh Logo
  • Comcast Labs Connect - Functional Programming

    North AmericaQ1

    Comcast brings together the best in media and technology. We drive innovation to create the world's best entertainment and online experiences.

    Comcast Labs Connect - Functional Programming Logo
  • Commercial Users of Functional Programming


    Co-located with ICFP focused on industry usage.

    Commercial Users of Functional Programming Logo
  • Compose Conference


    A conference for functional programmers focusing in different programming languages.

    Compose Conference Logo
  • Curry On!


    A new and unusual conference focused on programming languages & emerging challenges in industry.

    Curry On! Logo
  • Dutch Clojure Days


    The Annual International Gathering of Clojure Enthusiasts and Practitioners in the Netherlands!

    Dutch Clojure Days Logo
  • Elixir Conf EU


    A community conference to promote education, networking and collaboration within the Elixir/Erlang/Ruby communities.

    Elixir Conf EU Logo
  • Elixir Live


    A two-day conference connecting experts, learners and seekers. Let's get ElixirLive!

    Elixir Live Logo
  • Elixir London


    An Elixir conference in London

    Elixir London Logo
  • Elixir with Love

    ElixirNorth AmericaQ4

    Elixir With Love is a proactive conference with the mission of introducing developers to this exciting new language and building a diverse Elixir community.

    Elixir with Love Logo
  • ElixirConf

    ElixirNorth AmericaQ3

    A premier functional language conference for Elixir, Phoenix and Nerves

    ElixirConf Logo
  • ElixirDaze

    ElixirNorth AmericaQ1

    A community conference dedicated for networking and collaboration in the developer community.

    ElixirDaze Logo
  • Elm Conf

    ElmNorth AmericaQ3

    A conference focusing on Elm programming language.

    Elm Conf Logo
  • Elm Europe


    The first Elm conference in Europe

    Elm Europe Logo
  • Empex LA

    ElixirNorth AmericaQ1

    EMPEX is a sophisticated conference series for the Elixir programming language and ecosystem held in Los Angeles.

    Empex LA Logo
  • EmpEx NYC

    ElixirNorth AmericaQ2

    EmpEx NYC is a sophisticated conference series for the Elixir programming language and ecosystem held in New York City.

    EmpEx NYC Logo
  • EmpireJS

    JavaScriptNorth AmericaQ3

    A two-day JavaScript conference in New York

    EmpireJS Logo
  • EmpireNode

    North AmericaQ4

    An annual community-run conference

    EmpireNode Logo
  • EuroClojure


    The largest Clojure conference in Europe.

    EuroClojure Logo
  • European Lisp Symposium


    The purpose of the European Lisp Symposium is to provide a forum for the discussion and dissemination of all aspects of design, implementation and application of any of the Lisp and Lisp-inspired dialects, including Common Lisp, Scheme, Emacs Lisp, AutoLisp, ISLISP, Dylan, Clojure, ACL2, ECMAScript, Racket, SKILL, Hop and so on.

    European Lisp Symposium Logo
  • F# eXchange


    The Only Conference in Europe Dedicated to F#

    F# eXchange Logo
  • f(by)


    F(by) is the only functional programming conference in Belarus.

    f(by) Logo
  • flatMap(OSLO)


    A functional programming conference with focus on Scala. The conference aims to be challenging and mind expanding.

    flatMap(OSLO) Logo
  • FLIP Conference


    FLIP is a one day, two tracks celebration of everything related to functional programming.

    FLIP Conference Logo
  • Fluent

    JavaScriptNorth AmericaQ2

    A conference about JavaScript, HTML and CSS in San Francisco.

    Fluent Logo
  • Forward JS

    JavaScriptNorth AmericaQ1

    A JavaScript conference in California

    Forward JS Logo
  • Forward Swift

    SwiftNorth AmericaQ2

    Forward Swift is a San Francisco based event celebrating Apple's new language.

    Forward Swift Logo
  • FPConf


    FPCONF.Haskell — a conference about Haskell!

    FPConf Logo
  • FPure


    A functional programming conference.

    FPure Logo
  • Fpure


    A functional programming conference.

    Fpure Logo
  • Front Porch

    North AmericaQ4

    A conference for web developers

    Front Porch Logo
  • Front Trends


    An annual conferences for professional front-end developers in Poland

    Front Trends Logo
  • frontend conference zurich


    Switzerland’s biggest frontend event since 2011

    frontend conference zurich Logo
  • Frontend Guide to Life, the Universe, and Everything


    A Programming conference in Italy

    Frontend Guide to Life, the Universe, and Everything Logo
  • Full Stack Fest


    A week-long full stack development conference in Barcelona.

    Full Stack Fest Logo
  • Full Stack Toronto

    North AmericaQ4

    A conference for web professionals

    Full Stack Toronto Logo
  • Functional Conf


    Asia's Premier Functional Programming Conference

    Functional Conf Logo
  • Functional Programming Conference in Japan


    A Functional Programming Conference in Japan.

    Functional Programming Conference in Japan Logo
  • Functional Swift Conference


    A conference focusing on functional programming in Swift.

    Functional Swift Conference Logo
  • Haskell eXchange 2021


    A Haskell conference hosted by skills matter in London.

    Haskell eXchange 2021 Logo
  • Haskell Love


    Haskell Love Conference is the biggest λ online event in the world. Completely free!

    Haskell Love Logo
  • Heart of Clojure


    A new Clojure conference coming to Leuven, Belgium, on 2 and 3 August 2019.

    Heart of Clojure Logo
  • IBM Programming Languages Day

    North AmericaQ4

    PL Day is a cooperative endeavor with the New Jersey and New England Programming Languages and Systems Seminars. It is a venue that serves to increase regional-awareness of current research in programming languages and systems, and to encourage interaction and collaboration.

    IBM Programming Languages Day Logo
  • IN/Clojure


    India's first Clojure conference.

    IN/Clojure Logo
  • International Conference on Functional Programming

    North AmericaQ3

    An annual conference about functional programming.

    International Conference on Functional Programming Logo
  • JavaScript Summit

    JavaScriptNorth AmericaQ1

    A three-day JavaScript conference online.

    JavaScript Summit Logo
  • JazzCon.Tech

    JavaScriptNorth AmericaQ1

    JazzCon.Tech Logo
  • JS Remote Conf


    A JavaScript online conference.

    JS Remote Conf Logo
  • JSConf Budapest


    A JavaScript conference in Budapest

    JSConf Budapest Logo
  • JSConf EU


    The labour-of-love conference for the JS community in Europe

    JSConf EU Logo
  • JSConf Iceland


    An international two-day JavaScript conference

    JSConf Iceland Logo
  • JSConf Uruguay

    JavaScriptSouth AmericaQ2

    A JavaScript conference in Uraguay

    JSConf Uruguay Logo
  • lambda days


    A functional Programming conference in Poland

    lambda days Logo
  • Lambda Jam

    North America

    A functional programming conference devoted for hands-on practice or workshop.

    Lambda Jam Logo
  • Lambda World Cádiz


    The largest Functional programming event in the country, carefully crafted for you by 47 Degrees and the Scala and Java communities of Spain.

    Lambda World Cádiz Logo
  • Lambda World Seattle

    North AmericaQ3

    A Functional Programming event, carefully crafted for you by 47 Degrees with support from local Functional Programming communities

    Lambda World Seattle Logo
  • Lambdale 2019


    Lambdale 2019 is a 1-day functional programming conference taking place in a pub.

    Lambdale 2019 Logo
  • LambdUp


    A meetup on functional programming, is a unique event in the Czech Republic due to its size and focus.

    LambdUp Logo
  • Liberty{JS}

    JavaScriptNorth AmericaQ4

    A friendly Philadelphia JavaScript Conference!

    Liberty{JS} Logo
  • Lonestar ElixirConf

    ElixirNorth AmericaQ1

    Lonestar Elixir Conf is a conference for Elixir, OTP, Web and Embedded developers.

    Lonestar ElixirConf Logo
  • LX Scala


    The first international Scala conference in Southwest Europe.

    LX Scala Logo
  • mirror


    Mirror Conf is a conference, held in Braga - Portugal, that celebrates web design and development.

    mirror Logo
  • NCDevCon

    North AmericaQ3

    A Web/Mobile Development Conference in North Carolina

    NCDevCon Logo
  • NEJS

    JavaScriptNorth AmericaQ3

    The NebraskaJS Conference

    NEJS Logo
  • NightlyBuild


    A hand-crafted after work conference for web enthusiasts loving technology, design and inspiration.

    NightlyBuild Logo
  • Node.js Interactive

    North AmericaQ4

    Node.js Interactive North America, the marquee event for JavaScript developers, companies that rely on Node.js and the vendors that support both of these constituents with tools, training and other services.

    Node.js Interactive Logo
  • Nordic.js


    Nordic.js is an international two-day JavaScript conference

    Nordic.js Logo
  • Northeast Scala Symposium

    ScalaNorth AmericaQ1

    A Scala community-based conference in Philadelphia.

    Northeast Scala Symposium Logo
  • Oxidize Berlin


    Oxidize Berlin Logo
  • partial :: Conf


    Distribute yourself with some Erlang. Prevent you some runtime errors with Elm. Transactional memorize yourself with some Clojure… This and way more at Partial!

    partial :: Conf Logo
  • Racketfest


    Racketfest is a one-day event to learn & share what’s great about the Racket programming language and its philosophy of language-oriented programming.

    Racketfest Logo
  • React Amsterdam


    A full day conference of all things react at Amsterdam

    React Amsterdam Logo
  • React.js Conf

    JavaScriptNorth AmericaQ1

    A React.js conference in California

    React.js Conf Logo
  • ReactEurope


    The first European React.js & Native 2-day conference in Paris, France.

    ReactEurope Logo
  • ReactiveConf


    A React conference based in Central Europe.

    ReactiveConf Logo
  • ReactNext


    ReactNext is the largest #ReactJS conference in Israel

    ReactNext Logo
  • ReactNL


    A React conference in Amsterdam

    ReactNL Logo
  • ReactRally

    JavaScriptNorth AmericaQ3

    A community React conference in Utah

    ReactRally Logo
  • ReasonConf US 2019

    ReasonMLNorth AmericaQ4

    A hands-on ReasonML conference for web developers & OCaml enthusiasts.

    ReasonConf US 2019 Logo
  • Refresh


    The first conference in the in Tallinn, Estonia

    Refresh Logo
  • render


    A two-day front-end conference in UK.

    render Logo
  • Rust Belt Rust

    RustNorth AmericaQ4

    A conference for people of any level of Rust experience.

    Rust Belt Rust Logo
  • RustConf

    RustNorth AmericaQ3

    RustConf will be a gathering of both Rust's established community and its newcomers.

    RustConf Logo
  • RustFest Zürich


    RustFest is Europe’s Rust-dedicated conference.

    RustFest Zürich Logo
  • Scala by the Bay

    ScalaNorth AmericaQ4

    An annual conference of SF Scala.

    Scala by the Bay Logo
  • Scala Days EU


    A Scala conference in Berlin

    Scala Days EU Logo
  • Scala Days US

    ScalaNorth AmericaQ2

    A Scala conference in New York

    Scala Days US Logo
  • Scala Down Under


    Scala Downunder is an underconference in New Zealand

    Scala Down Under Logo
  • Scala IO


    A Scala event in France

    Scala IO Logo
  • Scala Italy


    Scala Italy Logo
  • Scala UA


    A Scala conference in Ukraine

    Scala UA Logo
  • Scala World


    A Scala conference in United Kingdom

    Scala World Logo
  • ScalaCon


    ScalaCon is a series of virtual conferences designed to bring the Scala community closer together.

    ScalaCon Logo
  • ScalaMatsuri


    A Scala conference in Japan

    ScalaMatsuri Logo
  • Scalapeño


    The Israeli Scala Conference

    Scalapeño Logo
  • Scalar


    A Scala conference in central Europea

    Scalar Logo
  • ScaLATAM

    ScalaSouth AmericaQ2

    ScaLATAM Logo
  • Scheme and Functional Programming Workshop


    The Scheme and Functional Programming Workshop is a yearly meeting of programming language practitioners who share a sense of aesthetic as embodied by the Algorithmic Language Scheme.

    Scheme and Functional Programming Workshop Logo
  • Space City JS

    JavaScriptNorth AmericaQ2

    A JavaScript conference in Houston Texas

    Space City JS Logo


    5 in 1 conference experience covering the emerging potential of SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY. Five spheres. One time. One place. #SphereIT Logo
  • Strange Loop

    North AmericaQ3

    A conference about emerging languages, alternative databases, concurrency, distributed systems, security, and the web.

    Strange Loop Logo
  • Swift Summit

    SwiftNorth AmericaQ4

    A conference for Swift Developers

    Swift Summit Logo
  • The Big Elixir

    ElixirNorth AmericaQ4

    The Big Elixir is a two-day, single track conference to help developers take their Elixir skills to the next level.

    The Big Elixir Logo
  • Trends in Functional Programming


    The symposium on Trends in Functional Programming (TFP) is an international forum for researchers with interests in all aspects of functional programming, taking a broad view of current and future trends in the area.

  • Typelevel Summit


    Let the Scala compiler work for you. We provide type classes, instances, conversions, supplements to the standard library, and much more.

    Typelevel Summit Logo
  • TypeVille

    Scala, Haskell, KotlinEuropeQ2

    Strongly typed languages in a Polish forest.

    TypeVille Logo
  • Web Directions Code


    A two-day JavaScript conference in Australia

    Web Directions Code Logo
  • Web Rebels


    A community driven conference in Norway

    Web Rebels Logo
  • XT16


    An enjoyable clojure conference in london

    XT16 Logo
  • YOW! Sydney


    A conference for cutting edge software engineering.

    YOW! Sydney Logo
  • ZuriHac


    A three day Haskell Hackathon hosted at the HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil. This is the seventh Haskell Hackathon organized in Zürich and and the second one which is hosted at the HSR.

    ZuriHac Logo