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Declarative Programming

Clojure Gazette

Issue 1.19 - August 24, 2012


Declarative Programming

Declarative programming means telling the computer what instead of how. SQL is declarative: you say what data you want. It is up to the database to figure out how to give it to you.

Declarative programming is having a slight resurgence at the moment. Clojure is feeling it, and I thought I'd tap into it that for this issue.

Have fun!

**Eric Normand **

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logic, again


core.logic is a Prolog-style logic language embedded in Clojure. It isshaking things up. I've referred to core.logic before, but I repeat it because it is the perfect example of declarative programming in Clojure.

turing tar pit

Out of the Tar Pit

A great paper that analyzes common sources of complexity in softwareand traditional approaches to managing that complexity. It ends with awide-eyed proposal for dealing with complexity by focusing ondeclarative programming.

declarative haskell

The Future is Parallel, and the Future of Parallel is Declarative

A somewhat different take on declarative programming: functional programming_is_ declarative. I mostly disagree with this. I think in general functional degrades into a strict form of procedural programming. But it is good to see another perspective.

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evidently stuart

Evident Code, at Scale

Stuart Halloway gives a similar talk to a previous talk about makingcode evident, that is making it say what it does. He goes into Datomica bit, as an example.

more core.logic

David Nolen, Pattern Matching & Predicate Dispatch

David Nolen goes through some core.logic code in New York.

declared dead?

An Overview of Datalog

Datalog was a part of clojure-contrib, but it is no longer beingmaintained. Would someone like to take it?

finally, a good explanation

Practical core.logic

I have not seen a better introduction to core.logic.