Clojure Gazette 1.2

Theme of the week: Clojure/West

Clojure Gazette

Issue 1.2 - March 22, 2012


Mining Clojure/West

Clojure/West happened last week. I did not go, but I will have to go next time. I look forward to all of the presentations that will soon be on the web. Meanwhile, we can mine the posts and tweets that emanated from San jose.

Eric Normand

clojure cloud

U nderstanding Datomic?

Datomic is Rich Hickey's newly released project. This post helps explain what it is and why it is significant.


Using Wolfram Alpha from Clojure

Mark Watson wrapped the Java API to talk to Wolfram Alpha. He does some simple conversion from the Java Objects to Clojure maps with nice results!

clojure west

Clojure/West Slides

A github repo full of Clojure/West slides. What else can I say?

wood pulp

Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming: Case Studies in Common Lisp (amazon link)

This book is a study of data-driven programming and functional programming techniques to build classical AI solutions to classical AI problems. From a version of Eliza to Planners.

python video

Stop Writing Classes

A great thing about people using Clojure is that they are very open to inspiration from other languages. This talk is from a Python core developer about the overuse of classes and object-orientation currently drilled into us at University. Good stuff with practical, real-world examples of unnecessary use of classes.

learner's notebook

(clojurescripting :intro)

A cool look at the setup of a clojurescript environment and the first step testing it out.


A Formal Pattern Language for Refactoring of Lisp Programs (PDF)

A simple way to define code patterns that could be transformed automatically.

shoulders of giants

Kay's 8

Alan Kay is certainly a giant in the field. Fogus captured part of a mailing list thread where Kay expressed what he thought were big ideas in programming languages.



I just love the documentation and simple API for this 2d game programming system for Lua.


Best of Clojure West 2012

A nice overview of the feel of the conference by Dave Ray. The third best thing to being there (after videos and slides).