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Issue 1.23 - October 06, 2012


Dev Tools


Today I wanted to do an issue about some basic tools that are available to help us develop in Clojure. A lot of these are well-known, but hopefully this will be educational to a lot of the readers.

**Eric Normand **

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project management


Leiningen is the de facto standard project tool for Clojure. Besides being a nice way to handle project dependencies, bundling packages, and much more with plugins, it is also possibly the best 0 to REPL experience available for Clojure.



Clojars is where Clojure JARs live. Its defining feature is that it is dead-simple to use. It has some limitations, but it does work well. If you develop a library and you want others to be able to pull it in as a dependency, that is probably where you want to put it.



github makes open source code easy to manage. If you have never used it, give it a try. It has issue tracking, pull requests, nice code browsing features, and the best git documentation around.

total eclipse


counterclockwise is the Eclipse plugin for Clojure development. I have heard so many good things about it. I do not program in Eclipse at the moment, but it is the first IDE I turn to when programming Java.


Emacs Starter Kit

Emacs Starter Kit is a set of saner defaults for new installs of Emacs. Generally, people develop their Emacs configs over years of tweaking. But when you get started with Emacs, you will not have all of the great plugins set up for different file formats. Emacs Starter Kit is a great way to get started. It is the first thing I install in a new Emacs setup.

more emacs

Emacs Live

Emacs Live is an alternativ e to Emacs Starter Kit. It was developed more for live coding, but has some goal overlap with Emacs Starter Kit. Try it out. You might like it.



VimClojure is a vim plugin for editing Clojure. I do not use vim fulltime myself, but I have heard good things about this plugin.



A tool to generate nice looking documentation side-by-side with the code it documents. It can run as a Leiningen plugin.



This is the tool that generates the documentation on

help build docs


ClojureDocs is my favorite way to look up Clojure documentation. My favorite part is that people (that is, you and I) can add examples, interlink functions (as in "see also"), and you can see the source code. A great resource.