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Issue 1.24 - October 19, 2012



Today is just some interesting media from the interwebs about, related to, or unrelated to Clojure.

By the way, I am putting together an issue about the JVM. Would you like that? What topics would you like to hear about?

**Eric Normand **

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Computing Like the Brain

The Strange Loop 2012 videos are starting to come online. This one is about some "operating principles" of the neocortex and how they can be simulated in a computer. The talk is given by Jeff Hawkins, who created Palm and is now creating Numenta.


Understanding Java Garbage Collection and What You Can Do about It

Gil Tene explains some of the workings of garbage collection on the JVM. I was glad to understand why the JVM's collector is so fast.


John Backus: Function Level Programming and the FL Language

I ran into this gem the other day. John Backus taking his time to introduce the concept of Function Level Programming and the beginnings of the FL language.

total eclipse

The Secret of Psalm 46

Worth a listen. Though Brian Moriarty focuses specifically on Easter Eggs in games, the lessons could be applied to any craft.


TheJoy of Clojure Annotated Bibliography

I had not come across this before. Annotated Bibliographies are so underrated. They are a godsend in our time of information overload.


Clojure Documentation Project Progress Report

It is very good to hear that this is off to a good start!


[Prismatic's "Graph" at Strange Loop](http:/ /

A quick introduction to a higher-level structure for defining functions which makes data flow more evident. I do not know what I would do with them, but interesting nonetheless.


Code Fatigue: Performance Edition

I am finding this thread about small differences in code quality very thought provoking.

lisper's lament

How knowing Lisp destroyed my programming career

One point for the provocative title and two points for a good story.


An Emacs minor mode for the ClojureScript compilation

I can't wait to try out this package for Emacs. I use Emacs every day and being able to autocompile code from it speeds up my workflow.