Clojure Gazette 1.26

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Clojure Gazette

Issue 1.26 - December 02, 2012


Cool stuff

This week I found some great stuff. Some of it is Clojure-related, some is software-engineering, and some is just awesome that I had to share.

**Eric Normand **

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Functional Composition(video)

Chris Ford builds up musical theory in a functional way from the basics of sound synthesis to a piece by Bach. Each step in the process is a simple abstraction over parts defined in the previous step.



Dave Ray:

Me working through 99 Prolog Problemsusing Clojure's core.logic. Since I don't really know what I'm doing, critical feedback on how to effectively and idiomatically applycore.logicto these problems is more than welcome. I'll probably poke through them very slowly as time permits.


Optimized for Change: Architecture @ Etsy (video)

Kellan Elliott-McCrea explains their process for making Etsy both scalable and more human-centered. One of the key points is that they choose boring but proven technology. Very down-to-earth stuff.


Interactive websites with Clojure, ClojureScript, and REST (video)

Writing a fully compliant web application is not a simple task. HTTP is complex. Malcom Sparks explains Liberator (then called compojure-rest) and how to leverage it to build web applications that conform to the HTTP spec. I use Liberator myself (and recommended it in issue 1.20) and can say that Liberator is exactly as complex as HTTP itself, which is exactly how it should be. It does not hide anything, nor does it get in the way.

in the kitchen

Modernist Cuisine at Home (video)

A look inside the production of a beautiful and in-depth book about bringing modernist (scientific and experimental) techniques to cooking. If you are into food and food science, you must watch this.

data structures

Eventually-Consistent Data Structures (video)

Sean Cribbs presents data structures that are built to allow them to always have commutable operations.


Fledgling Languages List

This site provides a list of programming languages which are just starting out in the world. Feel free to submityour own, or ones you know about!



Nippy is an attempt to provide a drop-in, high-performance alternative to the reader.


Kling on Education and the Internet(audio)

An interesting podcast about the role the internet and other modern technology should and will play in the future of education.

Alan Kay

SRII 2011 - Keynote Talk by Alan Kay(video)

Alan Kay refining his presentation about the unfulfilled vision of the personal computer and his vision for the future of the internet. Bottom line: innovation has stagnated!