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Clojure editors

Clojure Gazette

Issue 1.31 - February 12, 2013


Clojure editors


I am happy to announce that my project has launched. It is a Kickstarter project to develop screencasts for Clojure. The project will start small with one hour of video, but I really hope to be able to continue it!

Please show your support. It's a really good deal (58% off) for those who support the Kickstarter project. I really want to be build a strong foundation of Clojure programmers.

Please visit the project page and share it with anyone who may be interested.

Have a happy Mardi Gras.

**Eric Normand **

PS. I love to hear from you. Just hit reply!

Zen and the Art of Live Programming(video)

Sam Aaron:

Programming is also a joyful act.

Sam Aaron is known for developing Overtone, the Clojure music synthesis system. In this video, Sam Aaron relates live programming to chess, architecture, and modeling clay. He also describes Emacs Live, a "curated" set of libraries for live programming in Emacs.

In the end, Aaron advises us to craft our own tools. The act of customizing our tools lets us know them more fully so that we can better enter flow.

Light Table (video)

Chris Granger is developing Light Table, a new take on IDEs. In this talk, he describes how the internals of the editor work. Light Table is written in ClojureScript and he explains how the on-screen editor components are structured by way of a game example. The pattern is quite powerful.

Light Table was first funded through a Kickstarter project. Then the well-known Y Combinator startup incubator got behind it. Having such powerful support is good news for Clojure in general.

Granger also mentions some wishes for ClojureScript. He wants better error messages, a self-hosted compiler, and (one that I personally am addressing) Clojure/ClojureScript screencasts.

I am very excited to use Light Table for my own future projects.