Clojure Gazette 1.53

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Clojure Gazette

Issue 1.53
September 27, 2013 =====================================


Hello, glorious readers!

Wow! I'm still recovering from Strange Loop . The talks were amazing. The people are the smartest in the industry. And the party was in the weirdest building I've ever been in. I've been watching the videos of the talks I missed (5 tracks!) which are available only to attendees :( Luckily, there were other things happening that were also great that made it into this issue. You'll just have to wait for the videos. Many of the slide decks are already online.

I want to call specific attention to a crowd funding campaign to raise money for Typed Clojure development . Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant wants to continue development full-time. The rewards look very appealing as well.

And Clojure Cup is this weekend! I will not be competing but I will be watching from the sidelines. It will be very exciting!

And thanks to everyone who bought my videos !


Eric Normand

P.S. I love hearing from readers. Just reply to this email!


E. W. Dijkstra Archive

These memos written by Dijkstra are definitely worth a read. He would circulate them (photocopied, of course) back in the day. This is an archive of those that are still around. Many fine gems of thought and definitely a repository of insight into this amazing mind.

Expresso Tutorial

Expresso is a library for algebraic manipulation and symbolic computation. You can solve systems of equations. This tutorial shows you how.

Publications by Bradford Rodriguez

I got inspired at Strange Loop by Forth creator Chuck Moore. These are a bunch of papers about Forth.


Clojure Cup Prizes

Clojure Cup is this weekend. They recently announced the prizes. Registration is closed. Wish the teams luck! Follow the goings-on on Twitter: #clojurecup .

Typed Clojure IndieGoGo Campaign

Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant wants to work full-time on core.typed. He has started an IndieGoGo campaign to raise money to fund development of this awesome static typing tool. Give him your support. He has done a great job so far.


Boehm Garbage Collector

For all you language nerds, this is a must-know-about resource. It gives you a garbage collector in C. You just have to use its malloc. The rest is taken care of for you.


It's still very early, but there has been a lot of thought put into it, so it's worth a mention.


Create doc pages from midje tests.


Piplin - A DSL for Describing Silicon in Clojure

A cool talk by David Greenburg from Clojure/West. It talks about how to describe chips in Clojure. I learned a lot about hardware listening to this talk.

Clojure: Deep Walking Macros

Timothy Baldridge demonstrates some Clojure code walking macros.