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structural editing, game of life, and fast repls

Clojure Gazette

Issue 1.55
October 11, 2013 ===================================


Hello, Clojurites,

Not much to say this week. Clojure is still awesome. Enjoy the issue.

And thanks to everyone who bought my videos !


Eric Normand

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Game of Life in core.async

A short implementation of the game of life in ClojureScript.

core.typed Game of Life

Logan Campbell implemented the game of life 5 times in three languages. He created a cool visualization of the 5 implementations so you can compare their sizes.

Android App Development with Clojure: An Interactive Tutorial

An in-depth tutorial explaining how to create an Android App in Clojure.



Phil Hagelberg's project to connect to a running nREPL instead of starting a new JVM each time. It has the ability to run Leiningen tasks.

Cursive Clojure

A structural editor for Clojure build on IntelliJ. It seems to manage projects. You can get in the Early Access Program.


A mordern replacement for paredit in Emacs.


While on the subject of structural editing, this editor has a neat feature for editing the structure of Lisp code.


Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant - Cognicast

Listen to this podcast to get a better understanding of how core.typed will help you code and what are its limitations.

Robert Stuttaford - Cognicast

Robert Stuttaford describes how he moved Cognician to Clojure, Clojurescript, and Datomic.


Building a multi-user Poker Application in Clojure and Datomic

Malcolm Sparks and James Adams explain how they built a Poker game with Clojure and Datomic on the backend. They discuss some interesting tradeoffs. Very interesting.

A Dinosaur's Thoughts on Programming Language Evolution

An interesting talk about guiding the evolution of a language to get more complex ecosystems surrounding it.