Clojure Gazette 1.59

/conj in full swing

Clojure Gazette

Issue 1.59
November 15, 2013 ====================================


Hello, Clojurinskis,

Ah, Clojure/Conj. I would love to go one day. I've been to three conferences this year (all by the lovely Alex Miller and all supremely awesome) and I just could not justify the fourth. But, oh, to be there! To smell the parens wafting through the air, to rub elbows with the maintainers of the great libraries we know and love, and to get a piece of that Clojure birthday cake! Maybe next year.


Eric Normand

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P.P.S. My videos are still available!



ClojureBridge is forming now to create a safe, non-judgmental place for anyone who wants to learn to program with Clojure in a supportive group environment.

Sign up to participate! They are looking for teachers, organizers, sponsors, and students.



I've been following the Conj on Twitter. Envy has been rising.

Jennifer Smith's Notes from Clojure Conj 2013

@JenniferSmithCo has been live-noting presentations at Clojure/Conj (happening now!). Almost like being there.

Photos from the Conj

More envy. These are Ryan Neufeld 's photos from the Conj.

Functional data structures in JavaScript with Mori

How to use the Clojure/ClojureScript persistent data structures from Javascript.

Learning monads in Clojure: a warning

Expounding on some of the difficulties of using monads in Clojure.

Softw are


A new "web application ecosystem". By "ecosystem", it looks like they mean "set of libraries that work well together". It looks well-built and worth a look.


Hypercard Video

A blast from the past. The software is dated, but Hypercard is still unequaled in terms of ease of building a robust, end-user application.