Clojure Gazette 1.63

Two faces, weaving in jest, and channeling Clojure/Conj

Clojure Gazette

Issue 1.63
December 27, 2013 ==============================



Sorry I missed a week! Lots of holiday preparations. But I'm back in full swing, now.

The Clojure/Conj, which I missed, is revived again in the form of Youtube videos---at a very fast pace! I am excited to get at least a bit of the sensation of "being there". I will have to make it next time!

Enjoy the issue!

Eric Normand

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The Library to Watch


I watched The Internet of Strings ,a talkthat was presented by Jennifer Smithat Clojure/Conj 2013. It was about the tenuous connections clients have with APIs. Janus is meant to mitigate the problem in a way that avoids the many, painful issues of WSDL. For one, it does not require a complete specification of the output data---only the parts of the data (one particular path in JSON, for instance) that one relies on. It also can be applied after-the-fact to existing services. It uses a data DSL to describe the assumptions and expectations a client has about a service. From the data structure, the library allows you to test if the service conforms to the spec and also generate a mock service. I'm going to give it a try for the APIs I maintain.

The Developer to Watch

James Reeves

If you are programming in Clojure on the web, you are probably running code that he has written or maintains. Ring? Compojure? Hiccup? That's him. Known online as weavejester, he has a mammoth collection of useful libraries that are in production use all over. And he keeps coming out with more. Do follow him and say hi!

Good to know

Clojure/Conj 2013 Videos

The Clojure/Conj 2013 Videos have begun appearing on the Cl ojureTV Youtube account. That account also has all previously available Clojure/Conj videos, as well as some very early talks.

Just a small selection: