Clojure Gazette 1.67

Poignancy, Panic, and Opposition to equality

Clojure Gazette

Issue 1.67February 10, 2014



I thought I might be able to get my Web Dev videos out before I went out of town. But that's this Thursday, so, no, I'm not going to kill myself to finish them. The masses that are waiting for them can wait a little longer. I can say that they will be awesome. That is all.

In other news, Clojure is still awesome.

Carry on!

Eric Normand

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The Developer to Watch

Michael Fogus

Michael Fogus is the co-author of The Joy of Clojure and Functional Javascript . He also is a constant source of inspiration. He reads an amazing amount , blogs , and gives deep talks. He speaks from a deep understanding of the history of computer languages. He also likes experimenting with programming languages. Catch him if you can on Twitter . He was just hired by Cognitect to exponentially increase the awesomeness of Clojure. Make sure you hold him to that.

Live coding

Live coding with Clojure and Emacs

A quick demonstration of the power of Emacs for doing interactive programming. This time, Hiccup and Garden (CSS in Clojure data) is generated on-the-fly as it changes, and sent to the browser.


_why's Poignant Guide (in Clojure) --- Part 1

I remember first hearing about Ruby after it had exploded. It was already old. A friend of mine suggested I read the Poignant Guide, and I was both weirded out and amazed. I never finished it because I never got to any actual code before I gave up. B ut the feeling it left me with stayed. That feeling of wonder and magic that infused the book. The feeling of my rational mind being totally powerless to understand what was going on. I don't know if such a feeling goes well with Clojure, but if you're into that, here's the start of a translation from Ruby to Clojure.


Hitchhiker's Guide to Clojure

Part 2 is out.



Another attempt at a React library in CLJS. This one is setting itself against Om with different design decisions. Check it out. There will likely be more.