Clojure Gazette 1.69


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The Developer to Watch

Zach Tellman

Zach Tellman has created a handful of libraries that make Clojure development faster and closer to the metal without sacrificing the abstractions we have all come to rely on in Clojure. Check out his Github repos . He's also interesting on Twitter . Check out his blog . Also, get in touch with him and let him know I sent you!

Summer of Code

Typed Clojure Request for Mentors for GSOC 2014

Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant is administering several Google Summer of Code projects related to Typed Clojure. He is looking for mentors who can take a small amount responsibility for the students. There are several exciting projects that students will tackle this summer, all promising to improve the Clojure experience. If you're interested, reply to the mailing list .


Working with core.async

This is a series of three (and maybe more to come) experience reports using core.async.


Tony Hoare Bibliography

I came across this gem of a page when searching for information about Tony Hoare. Apparently, he's still doing research and publishing at Oxford. This bibliography has links to many papers in PDF form. Start with The Emperor's Old Clothes (his Turing Award Lecture). After that, maybe Communicating Sequential Processes , the source of the idea behind core.async.

Symbolic computation

The Secret Life of a Mathematica Expression

David Leibs explores the proprietary language that comes with Mathematica. I've been thinking about Mathematica when I saw a preview video of the Wolfram Language.