Clojure Gazette 1.70

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Clojure Gazette

Issue 1.70March 23, 2014



I'm here at Clojure/West and it is super exciting. Everyone is buzzing with parentheses and ready to make conversation. I suppose that's normal for a conference, but I'm super excited. Talks start tomorrow morning. And I'm signed up for a Lightning Talk, which will be fun. If you are at Clojure/West and you see me, come give me a high five! If you're not here, follow the #clojurewest hashtag.

You may also have notices that I release my second Clojure video series, Web Development in Clojure . It's a step-by-step, visual guide to building a Clojure web app using Ring, Compojure, and Hiccup. If you or someone you know might be interested, please pass it along.

Eric Normand

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ClojureBridge Workshops

Thought it looks like it is waiting-list only now, though get on the list before it's too late. There's one in Durham and one in San Francisco


Clojure on the Mac App Store

An interesting story by Zach Oakes about the hurdles he jumped to get Nightcode (a Clojure IDE) into the Mac App Store.



Kevin Lynagh and Ryan Lucas released Variance, a data visualization system. It's commercial, but I have to link to it because it looks awesome. The examples alone are inspirational. It is obviously the end result of the ideas presented in the 2013 talk Building a Grammar for Statistical Graphics in Clojure , by Lynagh.


Alan Dipert - Cognicast

A great conversation on the Cognicast about Hoplon , the new web framework. Somehow a conversation can convey more than a few pages of documentation.


V anevar Bush Symposium Closing Panel

I really love these old conversations with giants in the field. This one has Doug Engelbart, Alan Kay, Ted Nelson, and Tim Berners-Lee.

Serious recruiting

Welcoming Rich Hickey to the Staples Innovation Lab

Amit Rathore is serious about recruiting Clojurists to Staples Innovation Lab. At the Conj, he invited everyone to join the lab .