Clojure Gazette 1.74

Cobol, Elm, and Clojure

Clojure Gazette

Issue 1.74April 27, 2014



The Clojureverse is spinning out bold new libraries and implementations so quickly right now. In many cases, they are nothing new, and we should have been able to foresee them. They are simple logical deductions from the core principles of Clojure. It is simply a matter of time before fate playsout every combination and every natural consequence.

And what will happen then? We will need something better than Clojure. Like a great civilization, its gifts to the world will become commonplace. Most languages will have immutability as a default, they will have interactive development, they will have powerful concurrency primitives. Clojure will be like any other language. Clojure's influence is growing, and it continues to adopt what works from other languages.

But Clojure is not going anywhere yet. Its heyday is still to come.

Rock on!

Eric Normand

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Grace Hopper

Born With Curiosity: The Grace Hopper Story

An IndieGoGo campaign for a documentary film about Grace Hopper, a pioneer in computing. I'm a huge fan of bio-documentaries of great historical figures. Grace Hopper should be remembered, and I want to see this film. Please back it if you can.


S trange Loop Call for Presentations

Strange Loop is a great conference. I attended last year and had a blast. If your talk is accepted you get a travel stipend and your entrance is waived. They're accepting talk proposals now. If you've got something you're working on, send them your proposal.

Om Pixel Art


A pixel art editor written using Om. It features a nice undo feature with a visible command list. The source is on GitHub .


Elm's Time Traveling Debugger

Elm is starting to show great promise with its new debugger. It allows you to record a stream of inputs and play them back to your new code to see how the new code reacts.

Datomic in the browser

Decomposing web app development

Just when I thought it couldn't get more interesting, this surfaced.Nikita Prokopov has created an in-memory database similar to Datomic---giving you transactional state, stored history, and datalog queries.


core.async with tools.analyzer

A new release of core.async using tools.analyzer in the JVM version. A ClojureScript version will come as soon as tools.analyzer is extended to analyze ClojureScript.