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Issue 1.86July 27, 2014


Hello functional programmers,

First, I have to thank everyone who helped support the Clojure Gazette last week. There were a bunch of new subscribers. It made July the best month in almost a year.

I'm still experimenting with the Gazette. And it takes a lot of work. I've done it for over two years. It's rewarding, but I'd like to start getting a little back for it.

You'll notice this week that I have started putting sponsored links in the post. The first link is for a great organization that does not make a profit, giving free Clojure intro classes to increase the diversity of programmers. It's called ClojureBridge and I'm very proud to be able to give them this listing. ClojureBridge is a quality organization run by awesome people making an important change in the world. **Show them some love by letting the world know how awesome they are, and telling them directly, too, on Twitter and contact form . ** Also tell anyone you know who may be interested in learning Clojure that fits their target.

I hope all of my sponsors can be as great as them. If you'd like to sponsor the Gazette and showcase your product or service, read the media kit and get in touch!

Rock on!

Eric Normand

PS Please follow the DISCUSS links and comment!

React v0.11 Released

A new point release of React, the library behind Om, Reagent, and others. Performance improvements, rendering null, and many bug fixes. DISCUSS

Lisp in Summer Projects 2014 Winners

I was under a rock this year and missed the whole competition. But here are the winners! They look pretty cool, the judges are amazing, and it's a good cause. DISCUSS

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ClojureBridge Melbourne

This workshop is intended to reach out to women who are interested in learning programming with Clojure.In this workshop, we'll take you through building a complete web application from scratch using Clojure.


A cool Leiningen plugin that aims to make it easier to create single-file projects. You declare the dependencies at the top of the file, then start your namespace declaration as normal. lein-oneoff takes care of fetching the dependencies. DISCUSS

Composing Test Generators

Have you ever wanted to write Prismatic Schemas and have it automatically create test.check generators? Well, somebody already did it in what looks like a very well-engineered way. This talk describes how it works and why. DISCUSS


Described as a "compatibility layer for event-driven abstractions", this library has the ambitious goal of providing a unifying interface over Java BlockingQueues, Clojure lazy sequences, and core.async channels. DISCUSS

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Clojure X-Men

A cute metaphor of the superpowers Clojure gives you. DISCUSS

Zippers Episode 1

Timothy Baldridge has been doing some screencasts, mostly about core.async mostly available for a small fee or a subscription. His screencasts are a different style from mine, so if you like his style better, go for it. This video is about zippers and is free. DISCUSS

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