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Transducers, Painting, and Pairing

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Issue 1.88August 10, 2014


Hello clojurites,

Once again, another issue of the Clojure Gazette has found its way to you inbox. I made it with love. Please enjoy!

Eric Normand

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Sponsor: Brick Alloy

Thanks to the very first sponsor, Brick Alloy. Brick Alloy is a band of senior consultants that solve really hard scalability and security problems. These are the people behind the Lift web framework for Scala, which is the most secure web framework out there. They help you with the whole stack, from the user experience down to the scaling infrastructure.

They also support lots of Clojure-related things you've heard of: ClojureBridge, Typed Clojure, and Clojure/West, among others. They have a very interesting organization: it's more like a law firm where everyone brings in clients and they share in successes. Check out their team and say hi on Twitter.

Clojure/conj Tickets on Sale

Tickets are on sale for the 2014 Clojure/conj It's in Downtown Washington DC, near the White House and the National Mall. I've never been but every time I've missed it I've regretted it. Ihope to arrange to go this year. It's a huge chance to meet other clojuristas. Get your tickets and book your hotel! DISCUSS

Transducers are Coming

A new feature of Clojure was announced this week. It's called transducers. They are composable transformations of data which allow you to filter, map, and reduce (and more) without creating intermediate lists. DISCUSS

LispCast Intro to Clojure Workshop

The Austin Clojure Meetup is hosting a beginner's Clojure workshop using my videos. I am very excited to know how this turns out. If you are in Austin and would like to learn Clojure, or if you know someone who wants to learn, this would be a great way to get started. DISCUSS

Better Abstractions With core.async

Dive into a real problem and how Howard Lewis Ship used core.async to solve a real problem. DISCUSS


Facebook released a Javascript library of immutable data structures to complement (without depending on) the React library. DISCUSS


I recently discovered this tool watching Phil Hagelberg on Emacs Chat . Syme lets people collaborate on any project on Github. It launches an EC2 instance and sets up your public key so you can log in and pair on it. DISCUSS

AWalking Tour of Clojure's History

A quick talk touching on some interesting points in Lisp's history, ending with Clojure. Not a complete history, by any means. "Walking Tour" is an apt description. DISCUSS

Collatz sequence generation performance profiling in Clojure

Detailed benchmarks of incrementally optimizing the solution to a Project Euler problem. DISCUSS

Understanding Clojure Transducers Through Types

The buzz from the Transducers announcement reached the Haskell world, where people have been busy trying to understand Transducers using types. This article is a good read to see one interpretation of Transducers in types. DISCUSS

Functional Examples from Category Theory

A great talk explaining Category Theory and some great examples. If you've ever wondered "Why Category Theory?", you won't after this talk. DISCUSS

Painting in Clojure

Wow. This article builds up a program for generating Jackson Pollack-style splatter paintings. It uses physics and geometry, all modeled in Clojure. DISCUSS