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core.async, Thinking, and Invention

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Issue 1.91August 31, 2014


Hi Gazette Readers,

I've been thinking a bit about bias recently. I've started putting adsin the Gazette and I think the issue of bias needs to be addressed.

The Clojure Gazette is me. It's my voice and my interests. I postthings I come across and that I think are worth sharing. You subscribeto hear my bias , my particular perspective.

I try to bring this same perspective to the selection and presentationof the sponsors. It's not only about choosing who to show , but alsochoosing what to talk about out of all the cool stuff they are doing .

If you're subscribed, you must like my bias :) Thanks!

Rock on!
Eric Normand

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Factual is a location platform that enables development of personalized, contextually relevant experiences in a mobile world. Factual is hiring outstanding people in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Shanghaito help solve the following problem: How to organize ALL of the world's data.

You could join a team of excellent developers at a growing company with a casual, start-up vibe. Thanks, Factual, for supporting the Gazette. Now go apply !

S ICP Distilled Kickstarter

Tom Hall is doing a Kickstarter to write a book as a companion to *Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. * Kickstarter projects are always a risk, but what convinced me about this one is that Tom Hall seems to know of and maybe have read the Feynman Lectures on Physics. It now seems to be at a pay-what-you-want price. DISCUSS

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Curry-Howard Correspondence

Chris Ford is a great speaker. This talk shows some of the cool stuff you can do if you have a formal, static type system in your language. If you've ever wondered how logic relates to functional programming, check this out. Did you know that function application is Modus ponens? DISCUSS

Clojure for the Brave and True

One of the great resources for beginners out there. It just has this great personality that oozes through. You can buy a digital edition that works on your Kindle, Desktop, and iPad. It supports a good cause. And you'll get updates as they come out. DISCUSS

core.async webinar recording

Well, I was sad to miss this webinar hosted by David Nolen. But they recorded it and here it is. DISCUSS

Implementation details of core.async

Rich Hickey explaining the inner workings of core.async. There are lots of constraints on the design. It's a really interesting talk. I listened to it twice and may have to listen again :) DISCUSS

Clojure eXchange 2014

Early Bird tickets are available for this London event. The discount is steep! I've never been to Clojure eXchange, but I watched many videos and there's always something good going on. DISCUSS

Thinking for Programmers

Leslie Lamport, winner of the Turing Award, teaches you how to think. Two things he relies on in his mind: pure functions and sequences of values (instead of mutation). Sound familiar? DISCUSS

Invention, Innovation and ClojureScript

David Nolen talks about ClojureScript, Om, immutability, and the future. DISCUSS

EuroClojure 2014 Videos

I guess I've been watching a lot of EuroClojure videos, trying to catch up. I haven't seen them all, so if you like to watch conference talks, jump right in! DISCUSS