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Issue 1.92September 07, 2014


Hi clojurists,

In the past five or six weeks, I've had the pleasure of talking with lots of Clojure developers out there. And I have valued every conversation I've had. People are doing cool stuff with Clojure, and I'm glad to be a part of it.

I'm going to Clojure/conj this year. If you're going, too, be sure to introduce yourself. I love meeting people and making connections. I want people to thrive with Clojure, and if I can help you succeed, please let me know how.

Rock on!
Eric Normand

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Factual is a location platform that enables development of personalized, contextually relevant experiences in a mobile world. Factual is hiring outstanding people in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Shanghaito help solve the following problem: How to organize ALL of the world's data.

You could join a team of excellent developers at a growing company with a casual, start-up vibe. Thanks, Factual, for supporting the Gazette. Now go apply !


This piece of Ring middleware will catch exceptions and visualize them in a helpful way. It shows you the parts of your code that are part of the stack trace. Not just the line number, but the actual code. It also tracks ExceptionInfo data. I am not recommending this be a part of every development Ring stack, just like wrap-reload . DISCUSS

Clojure Cup

Clojure Cup signups are now open. Clojure Cup is a competition to create web apps using Clojure and/or ClojureScript. The winner gets some awesome prizes. And yours truly is a judge this year ;) DISCUSS

Clojure/conj Talks

Clojure/conj is coming up in November. The talks have been announced, though as I write this the times are not set yet. However, you can see who is talking about what. The talks look exciting. I'm going to be there, so be sure to say 'hi". DISCUSS

Compojure apps, in the style of Sinatra

A good introductory tutorial to how to get a minimal web app set up. It begins with a small rant about the content of most tutorials. To paraphrase, most tutorials focus on Ring's composability, which translates as "you have to build it yourself." This tutorial is more about ease and performance. DISCUSS

How Haskell changed my brain

A cool talk about how Haskell can improve your thinking about a problem. DISCUSS

What if Type Checkers Were More Like Linters?

A nice talk about the background and some details of Typed Clojure by the man himself, Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant. DISCUSS

Distributed Systems and the End of the API

I linked to Chas Emerick's own notes for this a while ago. But this is a recording of him talking about it with slides. He brings up many problems with the Client/Server pattern and how there are many known distributed system formalisms that are not commonly used. DISCUSS