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Transducers, Reactivity, Robots

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Issue 1.93September 14, 2014


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I recently found this library for pretty printing values at the console. It uses colors, which can help your eye follow the structure of the data printed. It also fills the console horizontally more than clojure.pprint/pprint does. I'm still experimenting with it but I thought I'd share it. DISCUSS

Clojure/conj Opportunity Grants

Clojure/conj, the main Clojure conference, is trying to increase the diversity of their attendees. They are offering grants (free ticket and maybe travel assistance) to people based on need and impact on diversity. If it can mean the difference between not attending and attending for you or someone you know, go read about it, sign up, and pass it along. DISCUSS

Brandon Bloom on Giant Robots Podcast

It's always nice to hear someone from the Clojure community I've followed online featured outside of the Clojure-sphere. This is a great interview, which talks about language design, software business, and where Clojure falls on the late-/early-binding spectrum. DISCUSS

Green Eggs and Transducers

Another literary pastiche explaining a Clojure concept from Carin Meier, this time explaining transducers. DISCUSS

Transducers are Fundamental

An interesting code walkthrough explaining what transducers are and how they work. DISCUSS

'Ducers Wild: A Concise Guide to the Menagerie

Concise is precisely right. He gives many definitions of the terms in reducers and transducers. Read this as a reference, not a tutorial. DISCUSS

Category Theory by Tom LaGatta

A talk given to LispNYC explaining Category Theory. It's kind of math heavy in the middle, but the beginning and ending convinced me of the importance of category theory in my life. DISCUSS

Reactive Design and Language Patterns

A well-structured and informative talk about language paradigms and models of computation and how they fare at four "reactive" criteria. DISCUSS

Responding in a Timely Manner

A friendly if somewhat painful reminder of the leaks in our abstractions. From Garbage Collection pauses to thread affinity, this talk will convince you of the importance of understanding the performance implications of the whole stack. DISCUSS