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Issue 1.94September 21, 2014


Hi clojurists,

Strange Loop is over. I didn't go, but followed along on Twitter. And now the videos are pouring into the Strange Loop Youtube account . Go watch them!I've shared and commented on a few here. They're coming in faster than I can watch them, so expect more next week.

I've mentioned before that I will be attending Clojure/conj in November. The talks have been announced. The conference will be a critical mass of Clojure-infused minds, coming together to fission off new ideas.

People have been asking me how they can prepare. The answer, of course, is to watch or read everything that's ever happened related to Clojure. But that might be a little too much to ask. I want to prepare and I want to help others prepare for what will no doubt prove to be a heady experience . I've gone through all of the talks listed on the speakers page. I'm compiling some Pre-conj Prep work, which includes watching previous talks or reading a blog post or two . I'll release one per day. Go sign up for it if that interests you.

Rock on!
Eric Normand

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Clojure Code Quality Tools

Automated code quality linting should be relatively easy in Clojure since it's homoiconic. And now with tools.analyzer , it should be easy to parse entire namespaces into an easy to analyze structure. This post lists the author's setup for running several static analysis tools. DISCUSS

Thoughts On Five Years of Emerging Languages

Alex Payne looks back on five years of the Emerging Languages conference just before Strange Loop. Some incisive thoughts about where languages are headed. DISCUSS

Pre-conj Prep

If you are going to Clojure/conj this year and you want to make the most of your time there, sign up for this list. You'll learn the background on the topics that will be presented, so that you can learn the most possible from each talk. It's a free email list and I will send out homework daily.

Acore.async Debugging Toolkit

A very cool library that wraps core.async to provide a host of debugging capabilities, including a custom scheduler that can reproduce a given interweaving based on a seed. DISCUSS

Typed Clojure in Practice

Ambrose presents Typed Clojure in the clearest way I've ever seen. He also talks a bit about the future. DISCUSS


Rich Hickey explains Transducers. They're really not that complicated after all, but they are handy. DISCUSS

Inside the Wolfram Language

Stephen Wolfram does a live demo of the Wolfram Language, then talks about the design decisions behind it. I've never used Mathematica in depth, but I'm thinking about it now. DISCUSS

React: RESTful UI Rendering

There's no doubt that React is making waves, and Pete Hunt is the one doing the splashing. This talk discusses the relationship between REST and React. DISCUSS

The Mess We're In

Joe Armstrong has been harping on this for a while, but it's a very important idea and an interesting perspective. His physics training gives him tools to talk about the limits of computation and put model the complexities of computing that we all experience. DISCUSS