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Issue 1.97October 12, 2014


Hi Clojurators,

If you're going to the Conj (or are interested in watching the talks afterward), I suggest you sign up for the Pre-Conj Prep list. Every day I will send you a short email about a talk on the Clojure/conj schedule. It contains background information on the speaker and the topics. If you sign up now, you'll start from the beginning. It's a good way to get ready for the conj and to catch up on all of the context and history that make talk relevant.

Rock on!
Eric Normand

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Sponsor:Rackspace developer+

Rackspace wants you to learn their cloud and they are floating the bill . I've been looking at their services and the flexibility is impressive. OnMetal lets you spin up a physical (not virtual) machine that you control down to the metal. RackConnect lets you mix dedicated servers with elastic instances. But it's daunting to know where to start. That's why the new developer+ program is a great opportunity. Rackspace will give you a $50 credit each month for 12 months to spend however you want. Plus, you can ask for help from Rackspace developers during that time. They will help you choose the mix of services you need for your application.

Thanks, Rackspace, for supporting the Clojure Gazette. Please go sign up for developer+ . Put those credits to work!


A small Clojure conference held in Berlin. It is organized by the same people who organized EuroClojure last year. They are still looking for papers.

Clojure/conj tickets will increase in price October 17

This is my last chance to tell you about regular-priced tickets. They go up on October 17. If you haven't bought your tickets, do so now!

Onyx: Distributed Workflows for Dynamic Systems

Michael Drogalis open sourced his distributed workflow project at Strange Loop. In short, tasks are described and configured with Clojure data. Watch the talk (Youtube video), here's the repo (Github), and a design guide to its internals .

2014 State of Clojure & ClojureScript Survey

Cognitect has taken up the baton to hold this year's survey. Participation is growing every year. The analysis of responses is always useful. Please take the survey, no matter what your familiarity with Clojure. Your entry will be recorded for posterity.

CircleCI Open Sources their ClojureScript + Om Frontend

ClojureCI is a continuous integration company with a slick UI. They've just open-sourced their frontend code, which is rare for a private company. Check this out if you're interested in how Om looks in a real, production-quality application.

Visualizing the Clojure Community

What happens if you process the GitHub Archive data for all git events on Clojure projects? And if you take that data and graph it? Kovas Boguta does just that and shares his findings about the growth of the community.

Boiling Sous-Vide Eggs using Clojure's Transducers

What happens when you connect an electric tea kettle to a power supply you can control with Clojure? And then you use Transducers?

Clojure in the Open

I had a little trouble understanding what this newsletter was. But it's actually easy once you get it. Every week, it contains small tasks that open source Clojure projects need help with. So if you've ever wanted to help the Clojure ecosystem and get some community cred, you should subscribe.

Clojure Learning Resources

A long list of Clojure projects that have issues tagged with "newbie", "starter", "easy", etc. The idea is that you can get your feet wet doing those as an introduction to contributing to open source in Clojure.

Seven deadly sins of talking about "types"

I think static typing is great at what it does. But I often have objections with the arguments made in favor of types. It's hard to argue against arguments without sounding like you're arguing against types. This post hits the nail on its rhetorical head with way more rigor than I could hope to achieve.