Clojure Gazette 1.99

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Issue 1.99October 26, 2014


Hi Clojurists,

Last week I promised that I would tell you my schedule for the conj. Briefly:

  • I arrive Wednesday, November 19. I'll grab lunch and head to the Natural History Museum.
  • Wednesday night I'll go to the Scheme Workshop after-hours after dinner.
  • Thursday, conj of course. If you want to do lunch, you must say hi to me.
  • Thursday night there's Papers We Love DC.
  • Friday lunch and dinner open.
  • Saturday lunch I will do something quick, then head to National Air & Space Museum to see the Wright Brothers exhibit.
  • Saturday dinner at Teak Wood (please come!).
  • Sunday, leave

If you're there, say hi and come along.

Rock on!
Eric Normand

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Sponsor: Marcus Blankenship

I want to introduce you to my friend Marcus. I've been producing more in the last few months, and he's the person responsible. Pre-conj Prep? That was his idea. He's really helped me feel more confident and make me hopeful about the future of LispCast. He coaches programmers who are transitioning to management. I told him that he's friendly, smart, and helpful, but that he needed to do something to help my readers learn that. So he's offering a free hour of coaching to my readers. You can talk about whatever you want, even if you're not a manager. I kind of hope we don't flood his calendar, but it would be cool if it happened :) Sign up for his emails.

Also, he's learning Clojure and going to the conj. So say hello! Thanks, Marcus, for all you've done for me! And welcome to Clojure land!

Analysis of the State of Clojure and ClojureScript Survey 2014

The results are in! This post analyzes the survey results and notes some trends. Clojure is growing!

Planjure: A* and Dijkstra's in Om

A neat application using Om that shows Dijkstra's Algorithm (pathfinding).


Some ObjectiveC glue code to let you write iOS apps in ClojureScript.

Interview with Alan Kay (Youtube)

This is a 2.5 hour conversation with Alan Kay, where Kay talks about all sorts of great references. Mostly it's about education, but that's where the GUI came from. I need to watch it again. So much content!

Talk Transcripts

These are transcripts of awesome technical talks. It is crazy how much more I pick up by reading than I do watching.

Introducing Elm Reactor

Elm's Time Traveling Debugger turned some heads when it first came out. Well, they've been working on it ever since and now it has a really nice feature set. They've worked out the UI for it and, well, there's never been a better time to get into Elm.

Reagent-Figwheel Template

A modification of the Chestnut template to use Reagent instead of Om.

Lab Notebooking for the Software Engineer

An article that zoomed past my radar about keeping a journal about your software development. It's funny, I've always wanted to do this but every time I've started, it ended quickly.

Using Clojure at MixRadio

This article starts as an announcement of another Leiningen template for getting started quickly. But it soon turns into a large, annotated list of libraries they recommend, with sample code, and a useful description.

David Nolen @ Papers We Love DC

If you're going to the conj, or you'll just be in DC (and not going to the conj? weird), David Nolen is speaking at Papers We Love DC on the Thursday of the conj.