Clojure Gazette 100

Shen, Transducers, Structural

Clojure Gazette

Issue 100 November 2, 2014


Hi Clojurists,

This is the 100th issue. I wanted to do something amazing and celebrate the occasion. But I don't have anything special. Just a normal issue that I hope you'll enjoy.

Rock on!
Eric Normand

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State of Clojure 2014: Text Answers Analysis

Alexander Yakushev has analyzed the text answers of the State of Clojure survey. This is a deeper analysis than Cognitect released last week. Alex read all of the text responses and categorized them. They're all counted and Alex adds his own commentary on each thing.

Eve so far

The people who brought you Light Table are trying to define the near future of programming. This is a journal of their quest so far.

First Ompressions. A Conceptual Look at Om

An in-depth exploration of the Om model and some of its consequences.

Shen: A Sufficiently Advanced Lisp (Youtube)

Shen is one of those languages that has been on my list of things to look at for a long time. I found this talk helpful because I've never had the energy to work through the Book of Shen .

Is it really "Complex"? Or did we just make it "Complicated"? (Youtube)

A very clear talk by Alan Kay about his research inventing the future of computing.

9 Ways to Stop Hurting and Start Helping Women in tech (Vimeo)

Brianna Wu asks us to confront the discrimination that women in tech face every day. If you've ever asked "How can I help?", w atch this video.

The promise of transducers

A good analysis of the laziness of transducers. They are not always as lazy as a lazy sequence.

Structural Editing

A prototype for a structural editor for a small Lisp dialect. Pretty cool.

Reify This!

A quick explanation of the reify macro. Note that I don't endorse the views about OOP of this article.