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Denotational, Homotopy, Chairs

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Issue 101 November 9, 2014


Hi Clojurists,

The Conj is coming up and I am still super excited. There's so much for me to prepare before I get there. But I should have the time now that I've finished the core.async videos. That's right! Sign up to hear when they launch.

Rock on!
Eric Normand

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Sponsor: Funding Circle

I guess my dream job would be in a small team of developers who really got to establish Clojure at a company. I talked to Robert Crim, Engineering Director at Funding Circle, about their plans for Clojure. He has been advocating Clojure internally for around a year, and they are now starting a core Clojure team to build out new and replacement applications. He's looking for people who are excited about Clojure, even if they don't have professional experience with it. This is a great opportunity to switch your job to Clojure. Read more about what they do and who they're looking for .

Thanks, Funding Circle, for supporting the Clojure Gazette. Robert even said you could contact him directly .

A Very Programming Languagy Halloween Youtube

I don't typically link to my own stuff, but this is just for fun, so here it is. I dress up like four famous programming language people. Can you guess who they are?

Heads up for library writers

A nice message to Clojure programmers who maintain libraries: there are some changes in Clojure 1.7 that may cause a warning or break your code. Specifically, if your library has a function called update, which is a very common name, it could conflict with the new built-in update .

Clojure/conj schedule up on Lanyrd

I have been waiting for this for a long time. Though we've known who would be speaking and on which topics, now we know when. It helps me imagine what the flow of the day will be like.

The Lost Art of Denotational Semantics Youtube

From Erik Meijer's talk at Lambda Jam. Through simple code transformations (rename method, extract interface, transform to continuation passing-style), Meijer unwinds the twisted design space of "reactive" systems. We need more engineers like this one.

Homotopy Type Theory: What's the Big Idea Youtube

I've been interested in Homotopy Type Theory since I heard about it back at Clojure/West, but I've never really understood what it was about. This talk changed that. Now, I don't know Homotopy Type Theory, but this talk did give me an idea of why it will be useful.

Augmenting Dynamic Typing With Static-Analysis Youtube

More than anything, this talk gives an overview of the history of adding static type analysis to a dynamically-typed language. It also has some practical tips for how Basho added static types to help improve an existing code base.

Clojure Distilled

A longform introduction to Clojure. It touches on some deeper topics.


b: Software Developer](

TurboVote is looking to hire Clojure programmers. If you know any, pass this along.

Killer Chairs: How Desk Jobs Ruin Your Health

This article is for people like me who sit all day. A reminder to get up more. I think I need a standing desk.

Clojonic: Pythonic Clojure

An introduction to Clojure from the perspective of a longtime Python programmer.