Clojure Gazette 105

JS Libs, Future of Clojure, Paredit

Clojure Gazette

Issue 105December 07, 2014


Hi Clojurists,

I was very pleased to find a few Clojure/conj experience reports this week. It's good to have other people's thoughts swimming around with my own as I am (still) decompressing from such a dense few days.

Other than that, I'm working on some plans for next year. I want to have more interviews and more "special issues" (like the last one about Generative Testing or the recent one about Haskell). I always hear good things about them and I like to make them. They just require being way more organized than I am.

Let me know if you have any other ideas for things you want to see in the Gazette.

Rock on!
Eric Normand

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Sponsor: Funding Circle

I guess my dream job would be in a small team of developers who really got to establish Clojure at a company. I talked to Robert Crim, Engineering Director at Funding Circle, about their plans for Clojure. He has been advocating Clojure internally for around a year, and they are now starting a core Clojure team to build out new and replacement applications. He's looking for people who are excited about Clojure, even if they don't have professional experience with it. This is a great opportunity to switch your job to Clojure. Read more about what they do and who they're looking for .

Thanks, Funding Circle, for supporting the Clojure Gazette. Robert even said you could contact him directly .

The Animated Guide to Paredit

A cool guide to Paredit, everyone's favorite structural editing system for Emacs. The guide includes animations and keystrokes, along with a short text description of the operation.

Rename Symbol in Emacs (Refactor Like a Baws)

I have heard several people say that Sumblime Text's feature called "multiple cursors" gives you 90% of the rename refactoring without fancy static analysis. I've never used it myself, but this blog post explains how to do it in Clojure with Emacs and CIDER.

The Future of Clojure

Bodil Stokke was invited to speak about the future of Clojure. She starts with a decent history of the language and ends with some tips for where Clojure should look to continue. After saying that she hasn't programmed in Clojure in a while (it's too mainstream), she says that the Clojure community is the best community out there. Kind words.

Om interop with 3rd party JS libs

If you've ever wanted to use a third-party Javascript library that manages its own DOM subtree (like you would do all the time in other Javascript frameworks) it's not obvious how to do this in Om. Robert Stuttaford put together a nice guide to getting this to work.

The Codeless Code

I love reading these stories. They are based on Zen stories, but instead of satori and nirvana, they deal with code quality, software architecture, and software project management. They're really quite well-done and contain lots of insights (at least for me!).

Clojure Codex

Robert Stuttaford has collected a nice set of organized links to Clojure resources. You can have more added by submitting a link.

App and dev services with Trapperkeeper

Robert Stuttaford again explaining how they manage all of the complexities of compiling and deploying different versions of software for development and production environments. He makes it seem so simple.

Clojure/conj 2014 Notes

John Jacobsen shares his copious notes from the talks at the Conj.

My first Conj

Anna Pawlicka talks about her experience at her first Conj.

Five Days of Clojure Immersion at ClojureConj

Persa Zula describes her long experience with the Conj (she did the 2-day training before the Conj). It's great to get the beginner's view of our community.