Clojure Gazette 112

Vectors, React, Boot

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Issue 112February 01, 2015


Hi there!

Wow! ReactJS Conf happened and the videos were released. The big announcement was React Native, which promises to bring a single coding style to iOS and Android. How long before ClojureScript is running on it?

Javascript is an interesting beast. Despite its faults (it was designed in 10 days!), it has become the most installed language in the world (anywhere?). And I give Javascript the major share of credit for popularizing the ideas of Functional Programming. Millions of dollars are spent trying to improve the VMs each year. And now Facebook, a major player, is throwing its weight behind a Javascript-based functional architecture that works on Web, iOS, and Android. And ClojureScript sits right on top of that. It's a wonderful time to be a Clojure developer.

Rock on!
Eric Normand

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Onyx 0.5.0: The Cluster as a Value

Onyx is a distributed processing system in Clojure. This post talks about the major design changes that went into the new release.

Of Mice and Men Podcast

A very nice 99 Percent Invisible episode talking about Douglas Englebart and how our user interface has been dumbed down. Should settle for easy to use but lacking in depth and power? Or should we invest in learning more difficult tools that will expand our capabilities?

Register for Clojure/West

Clojure/West tickets went on sale. Early Bird tickets have sold out, but regular priced tickets are still available. The CFP is still open.

Ultra: A Leiningen Plugin for a Superior Development Environment

An epic in the life of one man's journey to make his Clojure development life a little easier.

Clojure Tip - "contains?"

Alex Miller is back with a brand new post, this time about a common Clojure gotcha, the contains? function.

The Software Developer's Sketchbook

It's really true that we don't write that many big programs. We don't get a chance to work on many large projects from start to finish. So how do we get the experience we need? James Hague suggest one way to help: write many small programs.

cljfmt Github

A tool for formatting Clojure code by James Reeves.

Boot: Getting Started with Clojure in < 10 Minutes

Boot is getting big. It's a Clojure build tool with some cool properties (and a beautiful web page ). This guide will get you started with it, and with Clojure if you need that.

React.js Conf 2015 Keynote - Introducing React Native Youtube

The big news this week was React Native, a system from Facebook for developing native apps in Javascript using React, with the same "Flux" architecture. Virtual DOM on iOS and Android. Check out the second keynote for more information.

Persistent Vector Performance

A very deep, technical analysis of the expected performance of Clojure vectors under different circumstances. If you like thinking about cache lines, memory layout, and pointer optimizations, this post is for you.

ClojureScript Internals - Vectors

A nice, high-level overview of how ClojureScript's vectors work, with lots of nice diagrams.

LambdaConf 2015

This conference held in Boulder, Colorado, looks awesome, with workshops, talks, and daycare! The CFP is still open. Plenty of Clojure talks and lots more.