Clojure Gazette 113

React, Opportunity, CRDT

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Issue 113February 08, 2015


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Clojure/West Opportunity Grants

You or someone you know may be perfect for one of these grants. Apply now! They may literally pay your way.

On the flip side, now would be a good time to talk to people at your company to get the company to sponsor the grant. The money goes directly to someone in need to help them get to the conference. Great for karma! Email the kind folks at for help.

Immutable Data and React Youtube

This is a very clear explanation of Tries and structural sharing. It's also the best explanation I've heard for why you can accept immutable data being a constant factor slower than mutable, but still win big overall. And, tangentially, it is yet another example of the significant positive influence Clojure and Rich Hickey are having outside of the Clojure sphere.

Ohai Emacs

The most Otter-infused starter Emacs configuration in the known universe. If you want an introduction to Emacs that will amuse as well as educate, this might be it.


A Clojure library that implements parts of the UUID specification that the Java standard library do not.

Refracting React Youtube

Yet another great talk from David Nolen. In this one, he talks about why he likes React (the backend for Om).


A Distributed Conflict-free Replicated Data Type of sparse integer vectors, written in Clojure.

Fresh on our Radar: React Native

A look ahead at React Native based on what we know from the videos.

Clojure Miniprofiler: A simple, but effective profiler for Clojure web apps

Ring middleware to profile your web apps.

Clojure + Boot Backend for the React.js Tutorial

I've been curious about Boot recently, and this helped me understand what's the big deal.

Getting started with emacs for clojure development

An pretty good guide to getting started with Emacs and Clojure. It's good to get ideas from for how you might use Emacs.