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Testing, React, Boot

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Issue 114February 16, 2015


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The State of Simulation Testing - 2015

Ryan Neufeld has put together a survey to gather information about how people are using (or not using) Simulation Testing . He will report the results after the survey closes. If this becomes an annual fixture, the information could be very valuable in aggregate to look back over the years, just like the State of Clojure Survey started by Chas Emerick. The survey closes soon, so please fill it out now, even if you're not doing testing. It takes a couple minutes.

Announcing the Interest Graph API

Prismatic has released an API that will summarize a text into a list of topics the text is about. The topics are specifically designed to model interests. I'm definitely going to start playing with this.

Functional Education

An in depth and brutally honest review of Haskell educational materials.

Testing ClojureScript code with clojurescript.test and Karma

CircleCI describes a way they test some of their ClojureScript frontend using Karma.

First Impressions using React Native

Oh, man! React Native is going to be awesome. I can't wait. If you haven't heard, it's a way to write native iOS and Android apps using Javascript and React. It's not a web view. It's native UI components running in one thread with a Javascript server in the background modifying it with the same Virtual DOM idea as in React.

Transcript of: Clojure for Lispers

Back in 2008, Rich Hickey gave a talk introducing Clojure and its design to Lispers in Boston. He went into some really great discussion about why Clojure is the way it is. Now remember, this was at a time when people were into Lisp, but the best choice out there for production work was Common Lisp. There were many attempts to port Lisp to the JVM, with varying success, but nothing standing out. This transcript is a real gem that captures the moment and yet remains a timeless glimpse into the design of Clojure.

Video 1 , Video 2

Boot, the Fancy New Clojure Build Framework

Oh, my! What a great article about Boot. From the fertile mind of Daniel Higginbotham ( Clojure for the Brave and True ), this tutorial will guide you with mellow wordsmithery through the creation of your own Boot tasks.

60 FPS on the Mobile Web

An interesting look at using React to render to a canvas.

Six Unusual Reasons Why Clojure Is a Delight

A great list of advantages of Clojure.