Clojure Gazette 116

Blacksmith, Carpentry, Design Tools

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Issue 116March 01, 2015


Hi Clojurators,

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Eric Normand

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Time for Clojure Google Summer of Code

It's time to get ready for Google Summer of Code (GSoC) this year. GSoC has contributed many things to Clojure, including Typed Clojure, tools.analyzer, and Quil in ClojureScript. This year, they'd like to continue the awesome job done each year. They need project ideas and mentors. GSoC is a huge source of new development in fundamental ideas in Clojure.

Living Clojure Early Access on Sale

Right now on you can get Living Clojure in eBook format for half off. I'm looking forward to reading this.

A Collection of Computational Design Tools for Clojure & ClojureScript

Oh, wow! This stuff is simply beautiful. I haven't used any of it, but I want to!

Clojure/West Speakers

Clojure/West speaker announcements are up. The keynote is by one of my heroes, Melanie Mitchell. She used to work with Douglas Hofstadter on building systems to recognize analogies.

The Kitchen Bladesmith

This is a fascinating article about a master blacksmith. He makes kitchen knives. It's not about Clojure or programming. I share it here because there's something magical about someone who is very good at what they do.

Software Carpentry: Lessons Learned

Greg Wilson tells us some hard truths about the difficulties in teaching computing. One, we don't learn about teaching. And two, our tools are hard to learn. Greg Wilson is one of t he editors of The Architecture of Open Source Applications, which is a phenomenal book. Thanks, Eric Anderson , for the link!

Hello Google Closure Modules

David Nolen explains a new feature of ClojureScript: inter-module code motion. It means the compiler will split up your code into optimal, independent modules better than you ever could. David does a better job explaining it that I do, so go read it!

:clojureD 2015 Videos

Lots of great Clojure talks went online! :clojureD recently happened in Berlin. I'm still watching them but they're great so far.

miniKanren uncourse #1 Youtube

I've been watching these (un)courses and really enjoying them. Logic (and relational) programming is my next area of exploration. These have been good so far!