Clojure Gazette 117

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Issue 117March 08, 2015


Hi Clojuristas,

I have been fairly busy with one thing or another for the past few weeks. One of the advantages of being so busy is finally getting to go through all of the tabs I had opened but never had a chance to read. So much great stuff!

I normally like to say something profound, or at least point to evidence of Clojure's growth. But it's just growing steadily, as far as I can tell. It's kind of boring to say that, but it's a good sign.

Rock on!
Eric Normand

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re-frame GitHub

An interesting document about an approach to Single Page Applications using Reagent.

Fun with Markov Chains and Clojure

A simple Markov Chain implementation in Clojure.

Clojure Libs and Namespaces: require, use, import, and ns

Even four years old, this is still a good guide to Clojure namespaces.

Optimizing Om Apps

Precursor open-sourced a library for measuring how many times an Om component is rendered. You can use this information to profile your app and find bottlenecks to optimize.

An Algorithm to Extract Looping GIFs From Videos

A way to automate finding short looping segments in video. I suggest generate all of them, post them to Reddit, and let the good ones bubble to the top.

[Digit Classification using KNN](


An introduction to a new Clojure Machine Learning library called Clatern.

Alternative clojure.test Integration With test.check

A very interesting library to better integrate test.check with clojure.test .

cljs-tooling GitHub

This library provides tooling support for ClojureScript. It's used by CIDER to make editing CLJS easier, including autocomplete and code navigation.

mal GitHub

A Lisp interpreter with many implementations in lots of languages. It looks really cool for teaching what's cool about Lisp (meta-circular interpreter) and writing your own Lisp.

Modern ClojureScript GitHub

A nice interactive ClojureScript tutorial.