Clojure Gazette 118

ClojureScript, Conferences, Diversity

Clojure Gazette

Issue 118March 15, 2015


Hi Clojurators,

I mentioned on Twitter the other day that Clojure is reaching the point where there's always another conference on the horizon. Conference CFPs open up, when I feel like I still haven't digested all of the videos from the last one. Clojure is expanding, and that means more exposure, more jobs, and more beginners.

We're lucky to have a company like Cognitect that cares about diversity. They help organize and sponsor an Opportunity Grant for the conferences they run. It helps people who might not be able to go afford the cost of travel, and is also a strong signal to everyone that we care about including everyone.

I'm so lucky and proud to be a part of this.

Rock on!
Eric Normand

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Sponsor: Pond5

Do you know where I got the pictures of robots from LispCast Introduction to Clojure ? I got them from Pond5. Pond5 is great: there's tons of stock photos, illustrations, video, and audio. Unlike some other stock media sites, you don't have to buy $20 worth of credits to buy a $12 image. You just pay for what you want. I also love that when you find something you like, you can see all the other work from the same person. That's how I found all of the different robot poses. It's the site I go to when I need a photo or video. If you need stock media, please support the Gazette by following the sponsor link .


EuroClojure is back and now in the capable hands of Cognitect. This time it will be in beautiful Barcelona. There's not much information yet, but get ready!

Diversity Friendly

There's more and more awareness now of the diversity in tech social movement. This site promotes diversity-friendly conferences---those that offer grants and scholarships to improve diversity. There aren't many conferences on the site yet. If you know of one that should be on there, submit it!

Clojure is a product design tool

A designer talks about his experience with ClojureScript and Om.

Lessons in the Fundamentals

David Nolen made a big ClojureScript release recently. The biggest thing is that ClojureScript now comes with REPLs that run in a variety of platforms: Browser, Node, Nashorn, and Rhino. This is a huge step forward. ClojureScript is now in a much better place for beginners. No longer do we need to point to several separate projects to set up to recommend ClojureScript to beginners.

David Nolen is asking that everyone, even those with lots of ClojureScript experience, follow along through a short tutorial to understand the new ClojureScript features. He also asks us to read a short guide to reporting issues to isolate ClojureScript issues from those of third-party tools.

From Nand 2 Tetris Part 1 Coursera

There was a book called The Elements of Computing Systems (amazon affiliate link) that came out a few years ago. I never got around to reading it, but I was intrigued by the idea: a single course that builds a computer from nand gates all the way to an operating system. And now, the authors are teaching a course on Coursera with the same material. I've signed up and I'm excited to start!

Stop Treading Water: Learning to Learn Video

Edward Kmett talks about learning, problem solving, and careers. He uses ideas from category theory, Richard Feynman, and learning theory to help us learn better and forget less.

Seeing Circles, Sines, and Signals

I love these interactive references. This one is about learning the Fourier Transform.

Mind the Gender Parity Gap with Sarah Mei Podcast

Sarah Mei is the founder of RailsBridge. She talks about issues that women face in the workplace, including unconscious biases that we all (men and women) have.

PolyConf 2015

A polyglot conference in Poland. Jessica Kerr, Bodil Stokke, and William Byrd are going to be speaking. Their CFP is open now.