Clojure Gazette 120

Clojure/West, ClojureScript, Consciousness

Clojure Gazette

Issue 120 March 29, 2015


Hi Clojurists,

Enjoy the issue!

Rock on!
Eric Normand

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Affiliate Sponsor: Telestream ScreenFlow

I make videos. I've tried all sorts of setups across different operating systems. The only setup that works well is ScreenFlow on a Mac. It works flawlessly. It can capture audio, video, your screen, all at the same time. It also gives you an amazing video editor. Layout your videos, add annotations, zoom in on sections of the screen, etc. I don't think I could make LispCast videos without it. I recommended ScreenFlow before I was an affiliate, I still recommend them, and I use them for all my screencasts. It's a bargain at $99. Please support the Gazette and give it a try.

LispCast Intro to clojure.test

Folks, the time has arrived. After a month of incubation in the Early Access Program, it's ready for launch. I'm launching this week. Please sign up to find out when the course becomes available.

Clojure/West Prices Go Up Soon

If you still don't have your tickets, now is your last chance to get the regular price. The prices go up April 1, so get them now!

Pre-West Prep

Speaking of Clojure/West, Nola Stowe and I are giving background and doing interviews about the Clojure/West t alks. It's similar to what I did for the Clojure/conj in November. If you'd like to maximize your experience at Clojure/West, sign up for free and get prepared.

The Hard Question of Consciousness Youtube

I've been a fan of Daniel Dennett since I first discovered him back in 2001 by way of a book of essays he co-wrote with Douglas Hofstadter. He's witty and incisive. But most of all, I like him because he incorporates modern scientific thinking to help unravel difficult problems. Any of his lectures are great (and there are many recorded on Youtube).

Using Docker to Run Boot From Anywhere

I've been learning Docker recently and this article helped a lot.

Tenzing GitHub

I'm getting into Boot, and someone recommended this library for incrementally compiling and reloading ClojureScript. It's similar to Chestnut, but uses Boot.

The Society of Mind Youtube

Marvin Minsky is the father of Artificial Intelligence. I recently began watching and loving this recording of his MIT course.

ClojureScript Tutorial

A massive tutorial that covers ClojureScript, core.async, and Om.