Clojure Gazette 122

Alan Kay, Tracing JIT, Haskell

Clojure Gazette

Issue 120 March 29, 2015


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I make videos. I've tried all sorts of setups across different operating systems. The only setup that works well is ScreenFlow on a Mac. It works flawlessly. It can capture audio, video, your screen, all at the same time. It also gives you an amazing video editor. Layout your videos, add annotations, zoom in on sections of the screen, etc. I don't think I could make LispCast videos without it. I recommended ScreenFlow before I was an affiliate, I still recommend them, and I use them for all my screencasts. Final Cut Pro X is great but it costs $299. ScreenFlow is a bargain at $99. Please support the Gazette and give it a try.

Pre-West Prep

Conferences are conversations. Talks at one conference will be adding to what someone else said at another conference. It's important to be versed in that rich context to understand what the talk is contributing. Nola Stowe and I are giving background and doing interviews about the Clojure/West talks. It's similar to what I did for the Clojure/conj in November. If you'd like to maximize your experience at Clojure/West, sign up for free and get prepared. There's not much time left, so sign up now.

The Amazing LISP Vim

An article predicting that people will switch from vim to Emacs very soon.

Teaching Haskell to a 10 Year Old: Day 1

Julie Moronuki is writing a Haskell book with Chris Allen. She decided to test some of the concepts from the book on her ten-year-old son. It turns out he's a pretty smart kid.

LispCast Intro to clojure.test

The launch was a little subdued due to time constraints, so I don't think everyone who is interested has really found out about out. Intro to clojure.test is an interactive course that builds the fundamental concepts and skills you need to write tests effectively in Clojure. If you want to get your hands on Intro to clojure.test or you just want to support my work, please go check it out. Thanks!

Never Invent Here: the even-worse sibling of "Not Invented Here"

A thoughtful article that balances the "Not Invented Here" syndrome that companies have dealt with.

Alan Kay on OOP

I never tire of reading this short email exchange with Alan Kay where he discusses some of the influences on Smalltalk.

Pycket: A Tracing JIT For a Functional Language PDF

Tracing JITs are really cool and quite possibly one of the future of compilers. This paper solves some challenges with compiling tail-call and continuation-based languages using a JIT. It describes a Tracing JIT for Racket.

He Doesn't Work Here Anymore Youtube

Coraline Ehmke shares her experience as a transgender woman. There is a growing awareness among programmers of the biases we bring to technical discussions. Why should we trust a male programmer one day, but distrust the same person when they live as a woman?