Clojure Gazette 127

Quality, Transpilers, Types


Issue 127 - June 07, 2015

Hi my dear readers,

Thanks for your patience while I've been away on vacation. My wife, my daughter, and I took a long, three-day drive up to Wyoming to visit Yellowstone National Park. It was a great trip!

A lot has happened since I left, but I'm still going through it. However, there's still tons to share.

Please enjoy!

Rock on!

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Sponsor: PolyConf 2015

I'm happy to thank this week's sponsor, PolyConf. PolyConf was created to help all developers be polyglots. It brings a mix of technologies into one venue and letsthe juices meld. There is an awesome lineup of speakers, including Bodil Stokke and Jessica Kerr. William Byrd himself will be giving a miniKanren workshop where you develop a Scheme interpreter in miniKanren. That alone should be worth going. My favorite talk from last year's conference is by David Nolen . Please try to make it to Poland for this conference and please, please thank them for sponsoring the Gazette.

How Not to Panic While Writing a Clojure Book

Carin Meier wrote a book called Living Clojure . She shares her method (and madness!) for integrating it into your life.

How Buildings Learn Youtube

Stewart Brand made a short TV series for the BBC back in the late nineties that talks about architecture. It's based on the content of a book he wrote of the same title ( How Buildings Learn ). It's calm, well-produced, and smart. It's a great take on building things to last. He even talks to Chrisopher Alexander , the architect behind the notion of Design Patterns .

core.async: Concurrency Without Callbacks

Stewart Halloway gives a great presentation about core.async with small, illustrative examples in the browser. Check out the core.async visual language he presents about 45 minutes in.

Strange Loop Registration Opening Soon

The Strange Loop is the premiere conference about the future of computer programming. And you're invited. Just buy your tickets! Sales open June 11 (which is Thursday). Kathy Sierra is keynoting, which is not to be missed. Check out the Sessions and the Preconf lineup .

Typed Clojure: From Optional to Gradual Typing

Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant is at it again. After developing Type Clojure, he's raising money again to bring gradual typing to Typed Clojure. It's a compelling project and needs a little more help to reach its modest goal.

My first time using boot over leiningen

I would love to have a chance to try out Boot on something significant. This post makes me even more anxious to try.

Against the definition of types

Tomas Petricek presents a perspective on the definition of types, drawing from philosophy of science. He proposes that we accept that there are multiple meanings of type and that we should understand its meaning without using a formal definition.

Douglas Crockford on Software Quality YouTube

I like Douglas Crockford. His talks are opinionated and very clear.

Rise of the Transpilers Youtube

Jeremy Ashkenas gives a deep look at the internals of CoffeeScript. It really made me appreciate all of the work that goes into making a transpiler to Javascript. I also like his plea at the end that we should explore the space of transpiled-to-js languages.