Clojure Gazette 129

Macros, Types, Design


Issue 129 - June 21, 2015

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Clojure* Cheatsheets

These are great references. If you're looking for complete coverage of the standard library, this is it.

tools.namespace GitHub

Tools for reloading namespaces in dependency order. It's not new but very useful while you're developing code.

Design Principles Behind Smalltalk

Dan Ingalls published this paper back in 1981. A lot of it seems dated now. And the promises of OO were never fulfilled. However, Smalltalk paved the way for these ideas to be mainstream to the point that they feel commonplace today. It really makes me think about what could be coming up next in programming.

GSoC: Week 3

Maria Neise has been working on different JS module support for ClojureScript as part of the Google Summer of Code effort. This weekly report is about how to get CommonJS modules to work.

Specter GitHub

A neat library from Nathan Marz (of Storm and Cascalog fame). This one is about extracting and transforming elements in persistent data structures.

Gradual Typing for Clojure

A great visual explanation of gradual typing! Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant has been raising money to add gradual typing to Typed Clojure. And his crowdfunding campaign has reached its goal! It's still accepting contributions if you're interested.

Five Years of Google Closure

A great article explaining all the reasons to use the Google Closure Library and Compiler. The library really is full of useful features.

Portable Macro Musings

Mike Fikes experiments with the new ClojureScript-in-ClojureScript compiler.

Straightforward (Live) Functional JavaScript: Building the Yome Widget

I saved this one for last. Bruce Hauman (the programmer behind Figwheel) shows how to bit-by-bit create a functional programming in JS solutions to an interactive GUI. He even builds in a code reloader to give him fast feedback.