Clojure Gazette 131: YAGNI, LaTeX, React

YAGNI, LaTeX, React


Issue 131 - July 5, 2015

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How Bestselling Author Austin Kleon Write, Part One

Austin Kleon is an interesting writer. He shares a lot of his process online. And a lot of his process is researching other people's processes. So it's third-order fascinating to hear him talk about his process of sharing his process.

The Little Prover

The new Little book by Dan Friedman and Carl Eastlund is available! Dan Friedman is the au thor of The Little Schemer and The Reasoned Schemer. There is source code available .

A Beautiful Gift With Clojure and LaTeX

Shriphani Palakodety created a LaTeX version of a text by translating the HTML version using Enlive templates. What I like most is the pragmatism. Humble in typography skill, the author manages to produce something much better than the original, and quite nice as well.

Why ClojureScript Matters

An analysis by Jon Pither about why a company would choose ClojureScript on the frontend. While it may not be anything new to you, this kind of article could convince others.

React v0.14 Beta 1

The React team has released another big milestone. The big change is splitting the library into two packages. One package handles components, the other DOM rendering.

Compiler Errors for Humans

Evan Czaplicki has been improving the error messages in the Elm compiler and he shares some of his thoughts. I especially like the error-message-catalog that he is organizing to collect real-world programs with errors.

Running Lisp in Production

A nice article about a Common Lisp service.

Clojure on Coils

A ClojureScript web framework where you embed SQL into your React components.

Yagni: A Leiningen Plugin for Finding Unused Code

A static code analyzer that finds unused code.