Clojure Gazette 137: Knuth, Om, Objects

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Knuth, Om, Objects
Clojure Gazette
Issue 137 - July 13, 2015

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How to apply with the console api

A nice dip into ClojureScript/JS interop by Jonathan Boston.

Inspirational technical books that are not technical

Michael Fogus has put together a great list of books. I have read zero of them, but many of them have been on my reading list for a long time. After reading this, I have a longer reading list.

Om Next Youtube

David Nolen talks about, the upcoming version of Om. Definitely worth a watch.

Clojure, Made Simple

Rich Hickey talks about some of the big ideas in Clojure and what makes it different.

Objects have not failed

Guy Steele in 2002:

The question is, then in today's practice, is it more common to introduce new universal methods or new universal data types as a system is maintained? [...] I assert that new universal object types arise more frequently than new universal methods.

I don't agree. What usually passes for "new object types" in languages like Java are really just patterns that should be abstracted out. As Rich Hickey points out, there are many hashmap-like classes in the Java standard library. How many of these "new object types" could be replaced by a single universal type?

Let's be mainstream! User focused design in Elm Youtube

Evan Czaplicki continues to surprise with vision beyond his years. I really appreciate the depth of his thinking about the Elm language, which he designed and maintains.

More shell, less egg

This article is about a discussion between Donald Knuth and Doug McIlroy about literate programming. Knuth presented an algorithm developed using his literate programming system, and McIlroy reviewed it, with interesting conclusions.

Beyond Animation Youtube

A great talk by Ken Perlin about his animation experiments.

Jen Myers Report

I've really been enjoying these weekly reading recommendations from Jen Myers.