Clojure Gazette 142: Hoplon, React Native, Lisp-Flavored Erlang

Hoplon, React Native, Lisp-Flavored Erlang


Issue 142 - September 21, 2015


I would like to point out a mistake in last week's issue.

The link to The Case Against Third Party Libraries was wrong. It should have pointed here . Thanks to everyone who pointed this out.

Please enjoy the issue!

Rock on!

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Single Page Applications with ClojureScript and

Sponsor: Single Page Applications with ClojureScript and Om

from LispCast

Have you wanted to learn Om in an effective and fun way? Well, now is your chance! I am releasing LispCast Single Page Applications with ClojureScript and Om to the world today. It guides you through building an Om app interactively from the ground up. The launch sale starts today and lasts 48 hours. Find out how to get the discount by signing up for the email course .

Hoplon and Javelin, WebDev Alternate Reality Youtube

Micha Niskin is making really cool stuff in an alternate reality. He visited this reality through a portal in a finnish sauna to present the awesomeness of Hoplon and Javelin.

Wherefore art thou LFE? Youtube

I've been considering learning Erlang or Elixir. But someone suggested I check out Lisp-Flavored Erlang. I watched this talk and was really impressed. I'm doubly impressed that it's created by Robert Virding, one of the creators of Erlang. Other presentations are available on the official site .

Clojure Remote

Clojure Remote is a new Clojure conference coming in February that will be completely online. It's being put on by Ryan Neufeld, co-author of the Clojure Cookbook. Sign up for the mailing list and fill out the survey he sends you. You can have a very direct effect on what the conference is about.

Hello, declarative world

I've been getting into relational programming, particularly with μKanren so I can understand how core.logic works. This article is a walkthrough of an implementation of μKanren in Ruby.

An iOS Developer on React Native

If you were unsure about React Native, read this first-hand account of an iOS developer going all in on React Native.

CFP for NDC London

The Call for Papers for NDC London is open until October 15.

Parameterizing ClojureScript Builds

It's amazing that just a few weeks ago, this option did not exist. ClojureScript is getting better faster than I can keep up.

Pain we forgot

A longish think-piece about the pains of writing software that we have learned to live with. Lots of nice references.

Clojure/conj 2015 Speakers

The speakers have been announced for Clojure/conj. I would have liked more diversity in the speakers. There is a palpable move toward more practical industry applications and away from the more far-out, theoretical or philosophical talks that used to dominate.

(end-of-buffer) Youtube

Just for fun, Joseph Wilk (from Repl Electric ) played at ClojuTre this year.