Clojure Gazette 146: Refactoring, Structural Typing, Clojure Remote

Refactoring, Structural Typing, Clojure Remote


Issue 146 - October 19, 2015

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Writing Friendlier Clojure

Adam Bard refactors some code that a beginner complained about. It's the nice thing about doing things publically: we get to hear from the beginners what trouble they're having. Refactoring is terribly important when you're doing interactive development. As the article says, it's too easy to add bit after bit, testing each step, and never scrutinizing the code as a whole for readability.

Clojure Remote Early Bird Tickets

Clojure Remote is the first online Clojure conference. It's happening in February. If you want to get your tickets, there's a steep discount going on now. The CFP opens in a couple of weeks. Also, sign up for the mailing list to learn more about it.

Papers We Love GitHub

A coworker pointed out this git repo full of organized papers (each that at least one person loves). These are from the now world famous Papers We Love organization . This complements the Papers We Love Youtube channel .

Elixir Should Take Over the World Youtube

Jessica Kerr rocked the ElixirConf with this great keynote. It's about Elixir a little bit a bit deeper it's asking harder questions about the future of software. What comes after REST? What comes after MVC?

ClojureScript 1.7.145

ClojureScript release.

structural-typing GitHub

An interesting library for describing data structures but optimized for building data pipelines. Very cool.

From Strange Loop to RICON: Yeah, I Think I See What You Mean

Mark Allen writes his thoughts on Peter Alvaro's talk at Strange Loop (Youtube) (which was my favorite talk).

Elixir in the Browser Youtube

My friend Bryan Joseph talking about his project to do for Elixir what ClojureScript did for Clojure. He's doing a great job on ElixirScript and I was very proud to see this talk. ElixirScript is seriously influenced by ClojureScript.

The LISP in the Machine A Clojure experience report from Braintree Youtube

Sometimes a good experience report talk is just what you need. Joe Nash talks about how Braintree chose Clojure for their data pipeline.