Clojure Gazette 147: Evidence, Denotation, Alan Kay

Evidence, Denotation, Alan Kay


Issue 147 - October 26, 2015

Hi Clojurists,

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Clojure Applied

Sponsor: Clojure Applied

Have you written a few programs in Clojure and are wondering how to get to the next level? There's a new book coming out by Ben Vandgrift and Alex Miller that's like a road map for the Clojure subcontinent. It gives you a high level view of the in-language tools and libraries to structure an application, manage state concurrently, test your code, and deploy your software. But it also gives you the detail you need to make informed choices based on practical needs. And don't miss the history and philosophy appendices! If you've ever wondered how to structure your Clojure application, this book has the answer. The print book is out now! Thanks to the authors for sponsoring the Gazette!

Evidence-Oriented Programming Youtube

Oh, how far we have to go as an industry. Andreas Stefik explains what experiments have been done in programming language usability and what we still have left to do.

How To Use Real Computer Science in Your Day Job Youtube

Craig Stuntz explains how he's convinced his company to let him apply formal methods to the hardest problems at work, with great success.

Denotational Design: From Meanings To Programs Youtube

This monster workshop is a deep view into the mind of Conal Elliott. Elliott is the creator of Functional Reactive Programming. He shares his abstraction design process, which builds abstractions in types and uses type classes to ensure mathematical properties. He aims for leak-free abstractions, which is possible because there is no implementation. Once the abstractions are created, you can choose an efficient implementation.

Alan Kay at the Getty Conference (1991) Youtube

Yoshiki Ohshima has put tons of early Alan Kay talks on Youtube. I've watched this one and it is awesome. If you're an Alan Kay fan like I am, you'll love this one. In one part of the talk, he says that we'll be carrying computers around with us and they'll be doing stuff that's too important to turn them off. In another part is a very deep talk about education.

Clojure Recipes

Julian Gamble's new bok is available on Amazon.

Clojure/conj regular rate ends Friday

The Clojure/conj is the premiere conference for Clojure, put out by the company that maintains Clojure itself. If you're hesitating to buy tickets, they go up $75 this weekend. Online Mentoring

When you subscribe to Online Mentorship, you get video lessons published every week, plus access to the entire back catalog. Each lesson is designed to get you programming in Clojure with one important skill. The lessons cover a broad range of topics, from beginner skills, to libraries, to deploying production code. You get the skills to succeed with Clojure. The program has just started, so you can subscribe today.

Lambda Days

Lambda Days is in beautiful Krakow, Poland, in February. Their CFP is still open, so please apply. The cost of the conference is very reasonable!

Clojure eXchange 2015

Clojure eXchange is happening again in London December 3-4.