Clojure Gazette 153: Survey, CIDER, Om Next

Survey, CIDER, Om Next


Issue 153 - December 7, 2015

Hi Clojurists,

Last week I forgot to tell you about Clojure Cup , which happened over the weekend. It was 48 hours of Clojure hacking. You can already see the entries for the teams that got something running.

I felt guilty this week for not mentioning it in the last issue. It could have convinced more people to participate. But I also don't think the Gazette is the best forum for that kind of timely news.

The Gazette has always been about quality, not timeliness. I miss a lot of high quality stuff (like the Clojure Cup), but I always strive to keep the quality high. Unfortunately for the timely stuff, I can't just include it in the next issue.

What we really need is a community calendar. There are so many things happening in the Clojure world that it would be nice to see them all in one place.

So, lazyweb, get to work!

Rock on!

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